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Trip to the Canary Islands

The continent in miniature
This is the name of the central and largest islandThe archipelago of Gran Canaria - Tenerife. It's all about the amazing diversity of landscape, flora and fauna. In Tenerife is the highest peak in Spain - the extinct volcano Teide (3718 m). Frozen streams of lava form "lunar" landscapes, pine forests cover the slopes, the waves with a noise break against the rocks.
At the foot of the volcano is the Orotava Valley. This is the most fertile part of the island. It is said that the German naturalist Alexander Humboldt was so impressed by the beauty of these places that he fell to his knees in ecstasy before the greatness of nature.

Is the sand black or gold?
Once upon a time there was a wild coast, and now,Wherever you look, are beaches and hotels for every taste. Since the coastal strip belongs to the municipality, you can sunbathe and swim in any vending place. You will be surprised by the unusual color of sand. It is black because it has a volcanic origin. To create the famous golden beaches, sand was specially imported from the Sahara desert. Trade routes to Africa and America have always traveled through the Canary Islands, so plants from all over the world were brought here. In Tenerife, cacti neighbors with eucalyptus and relict Cyprian pine.

Dragon's blood
But the most legendary tree is the dragon, long agoExtinct in other parts of the Mediterranean. The dragon tree, or dracaena, is considered a symbol of the archipelago. It grows very slowly, but on the island you can see trees up to 20 meters high. The ancient people of the Canary Islands, the Guanches, knew the medicinal properties of the dracaena. Its resin is called "the dragon's blood", as in the air it becomes bright red when it dries.

The "unstable" island
From Tenerife, ferry crossings to otherIslands of the archipelago. If you can, try to visit the island of Palma, because he can disappear at any moment from the map of the Atlantic. Mount Los Muchachos rises above sea level at 2426 m. This huge cliff in the middle of the Atlantic has a very small base and is in a state of unstable equilibrium. Scientists of a number of countries have created a computer model of the island-cliff and have established that in the case of an eruption in deep caves under the island, an explosion may occur from the overheating of ocean water that has come into contact with lava. The island of Palma can split and disappear in the abyss.

Feel the spirit of Spain
But until this happens, we will try to experience all the pleasures that the tourists of Tenerife offer.
The spirit of Spain is hovering over the Canaries, its easyFeel, go to any restaurant and spend the evening at the crack of castanets, the tapping of heels, in the rhythm of temperamental flamenco. Order a specialty - stewed rabbit with sauce salmorejo. And in memory of the trip, take a bottle of the famous local malvasia wine, about which the poets of antiquity composed rave poems.
Canary Islands are very famous not only for their magnificent nature, but also for memorable places. Therefore, we advise you to visit the Canary Islands, which will not leave you indifferent.
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