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Home Library - everyone's pride

Home library will become a symbol of wisdom,prudence and experience. Did you notice that the library is always quiet, everyone is trying not to make noise and not interfere with reading? In an atmosphere of wisdom and experience, business conversations and philosophical conversations are successful. The collection of meetings can tell a lot about the nature, habits and lifestyle of the owner. In modern life, the library is of great importance. In Soviet times, the books were on bookshelves, cabinets and bookshelves. Today, under the library all rooms are assigned. The decoration of such a room requires a special approach and original furniture. To store books, you can use special shelving or bookcases. Furniture is made from solid pine, but sometimes valuable trees are used. The winning color for bookcases will be green or black. In this case, the overall interior of the room should be light. The cost of shelving varies from 5,000 to 500,000 rubles. Unusually beautiful look cupboards with glass. Such a design will help keep books from dust. To separate out exclusive and unique books, put a separate cabinet. Consider a place to read. It can be a small sofa, a comfortable chair. Put a small coffee table or a large desk, depending on your desires. The libraries with a fireplace look original. You do not necessarily build a fundamental one, you can buy an electric fireplace. Many libraries have a small bar. Visiting a guest and communicating with him is more pleasant to spend for a glass of alcohol. In the modern technical age, it is difficult to imagine a house without a computer. You can equip the workplace in the library by putting a computer and a desktop there. In addition, this will provide an opportunity to have an electronic collection of works. Two libraries in one! For a comfortable stay of each family member in the library, think out a "special" place for each of them. For your children, you can conduct lectures or read aloud favorite works. Consider lighting your home library. Make it multilevel. To have the opportunity to light up the room with the top bright light. A table lamp or a floor lamp next to a place for reading will look good. Remember that you need to read only with the right and good lighting, so that there are no problems with vision. Decorate your library with accessories. Hang an antique clock over a fireplace, hang pictures of famous artists. Are you interested in collecting stamps, coins or old cards? Arrange a demonstration of your collection in the library. The music center, installed in the library, will help create a comfortable atmosphere for slow reading of the works of great people. Let the room have soft background music. But the TV does not have a place in the library. It will distract and introduce disharmony into the general situation. You can arrange a home library within a month or two. Develop a design and style will help you professional designers. Order the manufacture of bookcases and custom made furniture. This will guarantee the uniqueness and harmony of the whole room. In the modern library it is possible to equip a workplace, arrange an office, combine it with a living room. Take your guests to the library! Surprise them with your hobbies and collection of collected works. Home library - everyone's pride!
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