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Vinyl Decorative Stickers

Moreover, new materials and technologies allow you to create a new face of your home, according to your tastes, preferences and fantasies yourself, without much effort and help from specialists.

Recently, graphic artists from Paris and LyonSaid a new word in interior design, combining their creative ideas with the latest technologies of decorative finishing. So were created decorative decals, or stickers, from vinyl.

Vinyl has long been considered the most optimalMaterial for decoration of walls and other surfaces. Vinyl stickers can be glued on any type of surface. The gluing technology is so simple that it does not require any special skills. That is why these original decorative tools are popular not only among designers - professionals, but also simply from owners who are not indifferent to how their home looks.

The vinyl sticker consists of three layers - a paper substrate; The vinyl layer on which the pattern is applied; And mounting film.

The procedure for applying a sticker to the surface:
• The sticker is ironed with a squeegee - a specialPlate. All three layers of the sticker "grasp" at the same time. Then the upper part of the mounting film separates, and the sticker is glued to the desired surface (wall, furniture, glass, mirror). The only requirement for the surface: it must be sufficiently smooth, otherwise the fold may appear on the sticker.
• The paper substrate is carefully removed from the topDown, at the same time, the mounting film is ironed by the squeegee from top to bottom and from the center to the edges (like normal wallpaper). This short procedure lasts until the final removal of the paper substrate.
• The label is ironed again, the edge of the mounting film is gently pushed, and the film is removed from top to bottom.

As a result of this simple procedure, you get a colorful panel or an ornamental drawing worthy of a professional artist's brush.

If you want to change the label, or simplyRemove it (that's the advantage of vinyl technology - in mobility!), The label is easily removed, and the surface on which it was "stuck" remains perfectly clean!

Vinyl stickers are made of any acceptable size: from tiny pictures to huge panels up to 2 m2.

Decorative stickers can decorate anyinterior. Often, stickers are used to fill the interior with "pseudo-elements". For example, you can paste images of furniture on the walls. They will look so believable that your guests will certainly want to touch them with their hands.

With the help of vinyl, you can create a "floral" interior; For example, in five minutes to grow a real "winter" garden. You can fill rooms with cats, dogs and even wild animals.

An interesting variant of using vinyl stickers- organically complement the real elements of the interior. For example, to a bed without a headboard it is possible to attach a decorative, but quite real image of a headboard executed at least "in the style of Louis IV".

Finally, miniature stickers are an acceptable and more practical alternative to "magnets" on the refrigerator.

Examples of using vinyl labels can beBring a great multitude. And among them there will not be one of those that just "ripen" in your head. Will it be an independent part of the interior or a separate decorative element of the room design? Or maybe your interior will be updated every week? Fantasize!

By the way, new technologies allow you to quickly make stickers for individual orders. Your drawing or just your idea - and you get what you wanted! Dare!

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