/ How to equip a children's room in an apartment

How to equip a children's room in an apartment

More light!
Take your child to the brightest place in the world.Apartment. Children, like flowers, need a lot of solar energy. Poor illumination of the room, according to psychologists, can inhibit mental development, suppress the initiative of the baby.

The child's room should be well ventilated. Fresh air is necessary for children no less than the sun. If you have plastic windows, you will have to open the sash much more often than wooden ones, because plastic has a high density and poorly passes oxygen. On the windows hang light curtains, for example from a nylon or organza. They do not require special care. In children's rooms are very appropriate curtains with fairy motives or consisting of different colors (contrasting) colors. But the floral and "cucumber" ornaments will look good only in the common room or bedroom.

What's under your feet?
The floors in the children's room must be warm andNon-slip. Carpeting is preferable to one that does not absorb too much dust and is easy to clean. By color and pattern, the carpet or carpet should be organically incorporated into a single child's space. On sale there are special covers for children's rooms, made in the form of lawns, towns, roads.

Color solution
The wallpaper should not be too dark. But at the same time it is desirable that in a child's room too bright, aggressive colors do not prevail. Permissible red, purple, orange "spots", for example, in the form of a lamp shade, furniture parts.It will revive the room, create a joyful mood.But scarlet wallpaper, poisonous furniture and screaming upholstery of seats, on the contrary, are able to "score" the very personality of the baby.

About furniture in general
If we talk about furniture, it is worth highlighting 2 options for the situation. Option number 1 - modular furniture.
Modules provide great scope for imaginationAnd experiments. The same racks are able to change not only their content and purpose, but also the sizes with the help of plug-in and pull-out elements. Furniture on wheels appears as if by a wave of a magic wand and just as easily goes into the shade. Option number 2 - monoblocks Bed, table and cabinet occupy in this case an area of ​​1.6-2 square meters. M. The sleeping place can be on the upper tier, below it there is a table and shelves. Racks for saving space can be almost up to the ceiling. A role of the stairs will be attached to each other bedside tables.

Holy of Holies
One of the key interior items is a bedroomThe place of the baby. Place it better away from the door and not near the window. Now on sale you can find beds of almost any style: wooden and metal, wicker and forged, in the form of cars and trains, as well as boudoir for princesses. Everything depends on the preferences and financial possibilities of the buyers. If the dimensions of the apartment do not provide for the placement of the bed, then perhaps you should stop on such an option as a folding sofa.
Folding sofas can be of different designs withWell-known names - sofa-books, frogs, telescopes, accordions. Models suitable for very young children may have a set of special restrictors that will not allow the baby to fall in a dream. Some sofas are so compact that they can fit even in a very limited space. Just keep in mind: the smaller the sofa, the more folds are present on its sleeping surface. Therefore, it is best to buy a stationary bed with an orthopedic mattress, which provides the child with a good sleep and a correct posture. In some models there are also cabinets or chests of drawers. The closet, installed from the end of the bed, is very functional, because in this case, most of the room is free for children's games.

Behind him sit ...
The table for which the child is to sit must necessarily correspond to his growth. For very young children on sale there are folding metal and plastic tables with chairs.
Light on the work surface should fall on the left,So as not to create a shadow by hand. In our apartments more often additional lighting sources are needed - lights, table lamps, floor lamps. Check that the wires do not stretch far from the socket. Small fidgets, playing, do not notice anything around and can easily catch on the electric cords. If necessary, the wires can be removed into special plastic boxes.
The chair should only be with the backrest. No stools! Computer and TV in the room of a child under seven years of age, it is better not to put. And in general, in the children's it is better not to have beating and traumatic things: vases, glass surfaces, electrical appliances in the child's access area.

General principles of safety
Modern furniture is made in accordance withNorms of child safety. The corners of children's furniture are rounded, the materials are light and durable. If the room still has sharp corners, close them with plastic overlays.
If your children are still small enough, plug the plugs into the sockets, and install the stoppers on the door. Windows should also be equipped with a "child lock" system.
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