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The first days of the house after giving birth

First day
Young mummy, having appeared in native walls,Feels joy and relief. Now she will take care of the baby in the familiar surroundings. And it will help her in this not only her husband, but also relatives, whose congratulations and wishes will warm the heart. However, some do not like excessive noise and want to immediately plunge into a tranquil family atmosphere when there are only three of you. And someone is afraid that they will not cope with new duties. But all the young mothers want to feel warmth and comfort on the day they return from the hospital. This will happen if everything is thought out in advance.

I so want ...
The first day at home you and the baby have the rightHold so that you both feel good. Minimize the situation, which can cause irritation and discomfort. If you do not want to be met by someone else besides your husband on the day of your discharge, let me know about it. Let me know that you expect everyone to visit later. Usually only grandparents are allowed to see crumbs first. It is often their presence that helps young parents to adapt more quickly. Ask your husband and parents to clean your apartment, wash your clothes, ventilate the rooms well. Just a month ago you made a list of everything that relatives need to get back with your baby with a return home. Let them make sure that the necessary weight is bought. Do not worry if there are no products in the refrigerator. Most likely, relatives will solve this problem, and my mother or beloved will prepare food for everyone, because they understand how difficult it is to stand right next to the stove at the stove. Remind them that you need bananas, apples, biscuits.

Meet, we have arrived!
The pope proudly deposited the precious envelope inApartment, and my mother, a little tired, with a smile went to arrange flowers in vases. From this moment, young parents begin a completely different life. In the meantime, the baby can be put in a cradle. A crumb, fed before departure, serenely asleep. Of course, everyone, and especially her husband, want to carefully consider the baby. Give the opportunity to relatives to admire the baby. You will hear a sea of ​​compliments: "Oh, what a pretty one! .."

Note the event
If you have the strength and desire, organizeA small family celebration in honor of the newborn. Noisy party now - not the best option. There will be enough time for a home celebration. The family is enough to gather even at the kitchen table to thank mother for such a wonderful baby and sincerely wish all the new parents the best. Do not be superficial with warm words, but absorb them and pass through yourself: yes, my child will be healthy; Yes, he will grow up happy; Yes, I have the patience; Yes, we always get it! .. If this day you decide to spend alone with a crumb, then, perhaps, you want to just congratulate each other, attaching wishes to the ringing of glasses ... with fragrant tea. The main thing is that you do not strain, but get pleasure from a warm home atmosphere.

Small miracle
After all the relatives are gone, letEven in another room, your time will come. Remaining with the child one on one, remember what it all began with. How did you decide to have a baby (or did he decide everything for you?). As a husband in the first trimester, not to provoke an exacerbation of toxicosis, did not use your favorite lotion, put you to sleep more comfortably on the pads ... Probably, it will be more pleasant for you to talk to quiet music or, conversely, want to stay in silence, which is broken only by snoring Crumbs ... Or maybe the child is already awake for the next feeding. Change the diaper and feed it. Or change the order. Your baby himself will tell you what's more important now. The husband will see this for the first time and, of course, will experience strong feelings: tenderness towards the baby, love and gratitude towards you. Do not be surprised if during the feeding of crumbs in the eyes of a loved one you will notice the admiration - for him all this is new. You will feel yourself surrounded by care: next to the support and support, and on your hands - your common future.
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