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Main types of recreation

Let's look at the features of the Male and Female Recreation. Let's think about options for joint leisure.

Features of women's recreation

"Good" to rest for a woman means to spendTime with benefit for themselves, their appearance and home comfort. A wonderful pastime for any fashionista is a shopping trip. The purchase of new, beautiful things raises the mood, stimulates the production of the "happiness hormone" - endorphin. It's not scary that the legs fall off and the money spent on vacation is spent. But how much fun!

Beauty saloon. In it, you can spend a whole day, bringing your body, hair, nails in perfect condition. All kinds of spa treatments, massages, aromatherapy are designed to make us real beauties! Slow female conversation accompanying a visit to the beauty salon, pleasantly relaxing, making you immerse yourself in an atmosphere of beauty.

Work on creating comfort in the house for manyWomen is also a wonderful vacation. Preparing an unusual dish, buying a new chest of drawers, selecting accessories in the house, choosing curtains. The pleasure from the work done will appear in every mistress.

For women, the emotional and aesthetic side of rest is very important. We are pleased when the family and friends just admire our work. "What a charm!" - the best praise for any mistress.

Features of men's recreation

The best recreation for a man will be a trip to footballwith friends. At the stadium, he will be able to scream a lot, cheering for his team, and throw out all the negative emotions. Computer shooting, hiking in the woods, fishing, hunting is all male leisure options. Men, instinctively seek to leave home and relax from their ordinary life.

Let's not forget that there are women who like to play paintball, fish and jump with a parachute. Men who prefer to spend a day off in the kitchen, conjuring over dinner.

Joint rest.

It's great when a husband shares his wife's hobbies, and vice versa. If your interests are different, do not despair. Find options for joint leisure is quite real.

A trip to the cinema for the premiere of the famous blockbuster will be of interest to both partners. After the session, you can share your opinion and discuss the actors' play, special effects.

Romantic evening in the restaurant. It is not necessary to timed "going out" to an event. Arrange yourself and your second half of the holiday in the middle of the week. Spontaneous romantic evenings strengthen family relationships.

Leisure. These can be videos, bicycles, skis, skydiving, hiking and much more. The main thing is that both the man and the woman should be interested.

Travel to other cities and countries. It is not necessary to go to the other end of the planet to spend a joint holiday. Near to your city, for certain there are interesting places which you can visit, without spending huge means and time.

Learn to share your rest, then yourRelations will become even stronger. Do not drag my husband to a meeting with her friends, to an exhibition of toys. Allow him at this time to meet friends or watch football at home. Finding a compromise in choosing leisure options will allow everyone to engage in interesting things.

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