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How to use sunbathing

First of all, when using solar bathsShould strictly adhere to the principle of gradual increase in the load. Begin the initiation to this health effect on the body can be from the very first warm summer days in early June (or even in the spring in late May). Much attention should be given to the dosage of exposure to sunlight. During the entire summer period, you need to gradually increase the time of sunbathing. The duration of this procedure for adults for the first time should not exceed ten minutes, and for small children it is enough even two or three minutes. Adult people, whose skin is darker (thanks to the large amount of melanin pigment present in it), can afford to start using sun baths from the first session lasting 20 to 30 minutes a day. The time spent in the sun should be increased daily for several minutes, bringing the total duration of sunbathing to 40-60 minutes. However, at a very high temperature of the ambient air in order to prevent heat stroke, it is advisable to hold small breaks for rest in the shade.

After the illness, as well as the elderlyUse solar baths with extreme caution, alternating intervals of time in the sun and in the shade. The duration of both intervals should be five minutes. During the sun bathing session, you need to change the position of the body as often as possible with respect to the sun's rays - turn over from side to side, back, stomach. At this time, in no case can not fall asleep, otherwise you can get quite severe burns. When sweating occurs, you need to wipe out the perspiration thoroughly, because the damp skin is much more likely to be exposed to the risk of burns. Before taking sunbathing and during this procedure, do not swim, because such a sharp change in the temperature of the environment without negative consequences for health can only be transferred to sufficiently hardened people. To finish the procedure of sunbathing you need to rest in the shade, after which it is best to take a shower or take a dip.

Use of sunbathing can not only beSummer period, but also in the beginning of autumn. In late August - early September, the surface of the earth still gets quite a sufficient amount of ultraviolet rays, which, when exposed to the skin, provide a healing effect. But the risk of overheating during sunbathing is significantly reduced, since the air temperature in this period is not so high.

Use sun baths should not earlier thanAn hour and a half after a person took food. Immediately before eating, this procedure should not be followed. With severe fatigue and poor health, sunbathing is not recommended.

It is best to take a sunbath on the beaches,On the banks of rivers and lakes, forest edges, meadows, fields. On the head you need to put on a light hat or panama, but in no case is a dense kerchief or a rubber cap (which creates obstacles to the evaporation of sweat and therefore can lead to overheating). It is also recommended to wear dark sunglasses, since the excess of ultraviolet rays is harmful for the organs of vision. Sunbathing can be used as a tempering procedure, used during walks and physical work in the fresh air.

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