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All about the Italian city of florence

The long-awaited vacation has come! Where to go? If you want not only to lie on the golden beaches and go to foam parties, but also how to enrich your spiritual world, then you just need to go to Italy! What city, you ask? Rome, Venice, Milan? No, Florence, my dear. Visiting this city once, you will certainly want to come back here again. Where, as if in Florence, you can contemplate the beauty and human wisdom reflected in the masterpieces of art, the whole globe? Do not drool, and do not want to grab the phone to call the tour operator and book tickets to Florence? Then read.

Florence is the delightful capital of Tuscany. According to legend, the city was founded by Julius Caesar in 59 BC, calling it Fiorentz, which in translation means "city of flowers".

Unlike many other Italian cities,In Florence, a myriad of churches, monasteries, museums, galleries and palaces. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, Boccaccio, Galileo, Giotto - all these geniuses were born and created here, in the city of arts - Florence. It is Tuscany that is the original birthplace of the Italian language. The thing is that Dante was the first of poets and writers who decided to create his work "Divine Comedy" not in vulgar Latin, but in medieval Italian. By the way, Florentines are very proud of the fact that Dante was a resident of their city. Of course, as we know, he was expelled from the city. It should be noted that almost all the sights of the city are concentrated in its center, so you will not be able to contemplate all the beauty at once. You just need to book a hotel in the city center, and every time you go to the balcony, do not stop enjoying yourself, because never so close did fate confront you with the beauty that, as you know, "will save the world."

The main attraction of Florence -The cathedral is located on the Cathedral Square, built in 1269. It is dedicated to St. Maria del Fiore - the patroness of the city. It is an amazing masterpiece in the beauty and architecture, in which the works of great Italian artists gathered.

The Piazza della Signoria is considered the central squarecities. Here is the Palazzo Vecchio, the construction of which began in 1294 according to the project of Arnolfo di Cambio. Now in this building is the Municipality of Florence.

The Uffizi Gallery is designed by George Vasari(1560-1580). Among the masterpieces presented here - "Adoration of the Magi" Gentile da Fabiano, "Birth of Venus" and "Spring" by Botticelli, paintings by Raphael, Titian, Rubens, Perugio. Without visiting this museum, you can not say that you visited Florence. It's like holy places in Mecca or Israel.

It should be said that it is not so easy to get into the galleryand just. Tickets book for a month, atoms before. It's clear that you are a tourist, and your trip to Italy is limited by the terms, but as the Italians themselves say, "Niente da fare!" ("There's nothing to be done!"). Order is an order, they booked a ticket in advance, which oh, what's not cheap - pass, and If you are a tourist, though insanely thirsty to contemplate everything and everything, but without a treasured ticket - to the exit!

As for all the other attractions of Florence, you can visit them without hindrance.

The city is famous for its world famous jewelery shops on the Ponte Vecchio. Well, what kind of girl does not want to leave there an amount of money for a wonderful little thing?

You think that an excellent shopping is possible only inMilan - the capital of fashion? In Florence, you will exactly update your entire wardrobe. Boutiques, discount stores, crazy sales, top and unknown brands - all this awaits you in the city of eternal beauty.

Gucci. Why do you think we mentioned the name of the world famous perfumer? It was in Florence, in 1904, together with his sons, he opened his first boutique here. In Florence, a lot of shops of cosmetics and perfumes, where you will also find products of Italian manufacturers of high quality, but unknown to you. Be sure to buy. Who, as if not Italian, so carefully monitor their appearance and know more than one recipe for beauty?

Finally, Florence, like any other city inItaly, is famous for its restaurants with delicious traditional Italian cuisine. You'll love it at first sight, or rather, from the first piece. You will feel at the top of bliss, having tasted the traditional Italian dish, just keep in mind that the prices in restaurants (and not only in them) can quickly drop you to the ground. Florence is one of the most expensive cities in Italy, and all because it is here that the largest number of tourists. Yes, traveling to Florence will cost you more than the trip to Rimini, Turin or even Rome. But believe me, it's worth it.

A few years ago, Florence was named the most lively city in all of Italy. Do not believe me? Upon arrival, you will surely feel the mad and passionate rhythm of the life of Florence.

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