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But what is left for those people who do not have the means to take the services of a specialist? The answer is ingeniously simple. Create your own interior.

In order to create a beautiful and at the same time not too flashy interior, you should, first of all, know the three main rules of designers:
- modesty;
- no extra sparkles;
- cleanliness.

Such rules are only valid for those whoReally will provide them in the process of creating an interior for their homes. For today, the most popular interior is the interior in Japanese and Chinese styles. Combining the most pastel and delicate colors, this interior is most suitable for couples who have just begun to worm their "nest". Tenderness in tones is a pledge of cleanliness and relaxation.

Therefore, if you want to create yourself a beautiful bedroom in soft pink or pastel light colors, choose this style.

For lovers of travel is best suitedStyle - safari. This style fences you from other interiors and therefore deserves everyone's attention. Hang a hunting gun on the wall - and immediately it becomes clear that there is a hunter in the house, hang a racket on the door - and it becomes clear to everyone that there lives a man who loves to play tennis.

The interior of the apartment can also be in the darkColor, but, in any case, do not stop your choice on the interior, where it surpasses the red color. Red color is bad for the eyes, and after all, we come to the house after a hard day's work, so as to have a good rest. But in an apartment where the red color is superior, the eyes will not be able to relax.

Best for relaxing eyes suitableLight green and grassy colors. This color of the interior is best chosen for the bathroom: there you spend too much time, and so the eyes should also rest.

Pastel colors are suitable for a bedroom or living room. Although in the living room you can think of a mix of colors: a mixture of light lemon, scarlet light rose and beige flowers.

In order to determine which color suits you best, look at the desired color for more than 3 minutes.
For the children's room, cheerful colors will suit. It can be a wallpaper with cartoon characters or heroes of your child's favorite fairy tales. Naturally, in this case everything depends on the child's age. Choose light colors, and less dark ones, including red ones.

The kitchen is best painted in light blueColors, because such colors inspire the creation of new ideas and in a sense "cleanse" the room. And in the kitchen, new ideas are very necessary. This concerns the preparation of new dishes and drinks.

The corridor is most suitable bright yellow or golden colors. Such colors will energize all residents of the apartment and will do the best.
In general, the choice is yours. But in order to really get directly to the target when choosing an interior for your home, use our advice. They can help you in solving some problems that arise during the creation of the interior.

Interior - the style of your house, and therefore this style needs additional "development".
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