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Kitchen: design, interior

You can also add that the kitchen is a traditionalPlace of family "fights" between husband and mother, wife and mother-in-law (options are possible). The reason, apparently, is the insufficient area of ​​the kitchens of many apartments, and, most importantly, the inconvenience of organizing cooking processes and arranging the "dining room" zone.

Kitchen: Design, the interior of this "heart" of the house has recently undergone significant changes. Modern kitchens are sometimes simply "stuffed" with modern appliances: electric or gas cookers, microwave ovens, fume hoods of various designs, high-temperature refrigerators, washing machines, food processors, juicers, mixers, etc ... Everywhere bright stickers, lamps flash multicolored lights ... And what dishes are in now!

But no! At times there is not enough of all this, that it was convenient to cook in the kitchen, to get together at dinner. Design is also important for the kitchen, as for any other part of the house. To the kitchen was really nice comfortably and non-standard, you need to create an interior, and not just arrange the equipment and mount a standard range of kitchen equipment. Design and kitchen interior design and create yourself, attach brains and hands, make your "hearth" truly beautiful, functionally convenient, rational and fully meet your aesthetic needs, your unique style!

First, create a system of your kitchenEconomy, where everything is interconnected, organically inscribed in the general interior and subordinated to your convenience. Think about how it is more rational to place elements of "technological" kitchen equipment and individual items of kitchen appliances to facilitate cooking, make it pleasant and as quick as possible.

Maintenance of cleanliness is an indispensable condition. To prevent the accumulation of micro-waste and dust, try to close the hard-to-reach gaps between the sink, stove, refrigerator, and cutting table. For this, rubber and plastic gaskets, adhesive plasters, etc. are commonly used. The closed gaps and joints can be covered with zinc white.

Washing. Above the sink, you can hang a cabinet-dryer for dishes. Detergents, brushes, ruffs it is desirable to place on a separate shelf, which is convenient to wash. Next to the sink we have a cutting table. It is here that all the working tools should be - cutting boards, knives, spoons, meat grinders, etc. To place the instrument, you can use a cabinet above the table or the top drawers of the table. In the very best place to store groceries - salt, sugar, flour, cereals, pasta, vermicelli. Next to the table are to hang kitchen towels, there are kitchen gloves.

Plate. Above the stove, at a height of 60 centimeters, you can place an electric air purifier. It protects furniture and walls from steam, eliminates odors of cooking. For economical consumption of electricity on the stove (if you do not have gas), you need to select pots and pans whose diameter corresponds to the diameter of the plate heating elements.

So, you have made a technological node forcooking. It's for the fridge. It should be near at hand, but should not prevent movement around the kitchen and obstruct the elements of kitchen appliances.

Any kitchen is inconceivable without a dining table and chairs. If there is not enough space in the kitchen, you can use a sliding or folding table, as well as folding chairs.

TV in a modern kitchen has long beenA familiar element of the interior. Of course, it should not be large. Choose for him a place where it can be viewed from anywhere. Put (hang, fasten) it away from the plate. And that the light does not fall out of the window.

Flowers - an important and necessary element of the kitchen interior. The number and variety of plants is a matter of your taste.

Will bring variety to the monotonous series of abundanceModern technology old copper samovar. Perhaps you will enjoy a family tea ceremony using a simple electric samovar for its intended purpose.

By the way, for a quick delivery to the common room of tea, drinks, light snacks, it is convenient to use a small serving table on wheels.

An interesting design solution for the kitchen is the separationPremises of the kitchen on the "working" and dining areas (if the area allows). This method of kitchen-dining rooms is widespread in many countries. For this purpose, an easy height-to-ceiling rack can serve, leaving a passage from one functional area to another. In the rack, you can provide shelves for storing kitchen utensils. On the shelves it is better to place the most elegant items: beautiful sets, thermoses with drawings, chrome-plated kitchen appliances and so on. Include fantasy: design the rack design, turning it into the finished aesthetic element of the interior of your favorite kitchen.
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