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A selection of products for a hiking trip

First of all, the products must provideCompensation of energy loss in the human body during physical activity during a hiking trip. It is believed that when organizing a hike, the daily ration of a tourist should provide an energy capacity of 3000-3700 kcal. Calculate the approximate energy value of products for a hiking trip can be based on special tables that indicate such data for many food components. For example, the calorific value of 100 g of rye bread is about 200 kcal, white bread 240 kcal, buckwheat and rice cereal 350 kcal, cream butter 750 kcal, cooked sausages 250 kcal, half-smoked sausages 400 kcal, chicken eggs 150 kcal, Sugar - 400 kcal. Caloric data are also often indicated on food labels. During the day, it is recommended to distribute meals three times: 1) breakfast (by caloric content should be about 35% of the daily ration); 2) lunch (40%); 3) dinner (25%).

In addition to caloric content, when selecting productsFood for a camping trip should provide the necessary ratio in the daily diet of human nutrition components such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The food included in the daily diet of an adult during a hiking trip should contain about 120 g of protein, 60 g of fat and 500 g of carbohydrates. A large number of proteins are found in meat and meat products, fish, cottage cheese, cheese, peas, and beans. Carbohydrates are delivered to the body with cereals, flour products, sweets (sugar is almost pure carbohydrate). A large percentage of fat includes products such as butter, fat, fat meats.

A selection of products for a hiking tripShould be carried out taking into account the availability of vitamins and minerals in the diet. For this purpose, as well as for quenching thirst, it is best to take a mineral water or natural fruit juices with you on a hiking trip.

In addition to the above basic requirements, when selecting products for a hiking trip, it is also advisable to take into account the following points:
- as the participants of the hike will carry the products in their backpacks, it is necessary to calculate the total weight of all products and distribute the burden evenly among all tourists;
- if on the way of the planned hiking tripThere are settlements with trade outlets, to facilitate the burden of tourists it is possible to plan the purchase of some products already along the route;
- during the hiking trip, the products should remain suitable for eating, so do not take with you unsuitable for transportation and perishable products;
- cooking in a tourist environmentThe trip should be convenient and as quick as possible, as the saved time can be used to achieve the main goal of the hike - active outdoor recreation (supermarkets sold soup concentrates, canned meat, vermicelli, etc.);
- for a hike, you should choose the usual foods that we eat daily;
- In a hike, do not eat dry.
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