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Where to have a better rest abroad

Rest for one day.
Pereyaslav is Khmelnitsky.
Champion in the number of museums. Here the most informative program for every taste and interest. Here you will find museums of different subjects: Memorial museums - philosopher Grigory Skovoroda, writer Sholom Aleichem, architect Zabolotny. Museums are historical and artistic, architectural, ethnographic, museums of history and philosophy, museums of land transport and medicinal plants, museums of astronautics. We also recommend you to visit the Skansen - an ethnographic open-air museum on the Tatar mountain. If you want solitude and romance, then go to the landscape parks. Suitable Korsun - Shevchenkovskiy, Alexandria, Sofiyivka.

Rest on the weekend.
We recommend you to visit the festival of roses in Bulgaria. Rose is a symbol of this country. Kazanlak becomes for 3 days the Bulgarian capital. The holiday opens a costumed procession, continues at numerous concert venues. Do not forget to also try the pink liqueur, the jam from the Pink Petals and candied roses. And do not miss the main and main holiday on the pink plantations.

You can also go to the UK. There, from 17 to 21 June in the Royal Ascot spend the jumps of the world. The prize fund of races is estimated in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are a music lover, then you will choose Paris. You are waiting for a jazz festival in the open. From June 21 to 23, thousands of collectives from all over the world will perform on the streets of the city.

Rest for a week.
Even for one week you can, it's time toEnjoy a holiday at the seaside. Undoubtedly, Egypt and Turkey continue to lead the holiday market. However, Croatia and Montenegro, too, do not differ from other countries. In Montenegro, by the way, do not need a visa - bought a ticket and immediately pack your bags and go. Montenegro is not a big country and this is its plus. There is a good seaside, which is washed by a warm, transparent, emerald sea - 293 kilometers of coast (of which 73 kilometers are beaches). Only 117 pieces are decorated for rest. Croatia is suitable for those who are looking for peace and quiet in recreation. The climate there is ideal for summer holidays. The pine forests here are magnificent.

All those who once visited Georgia strive to return there. There are nice small hotels, colorful restaurants with traditional dishes, amazing Georgian wine.

Rest for two weeks.
If possible, it is compulsoryGo to the islands. Cyprus is a great choice. There are many sights on the island. Enjoy everything here for your relaxation - the sea, the sun, carefree. There is a huge selection of cafes, restaurants, snack bars, taverns.

Want to lose 5 - 6 kg and regain your cheerfulnessAnd ease? Then go to Malta! Go there mostly tourists. There are no forests, no mountains, no fields, no rivers. However, there are three things that are in abundance here: sunny days, sea spaces and historical monuments. It is here that the most ancient megalithic temples of the planet are located, which are included in the Guinness Book of Records. A week of walks and you will become the owner of a magnificent sun tan and a beautiful athletic build.

You want to light up the days and nights then to you in Ibiza. Here are the best night clubs, the brightest stars and stylish clubbers.
Pleasant and unforgettable rest for you abroad.
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