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Bathroom arrangement

Where do we start the bathroom equipment, whatWould create in it additional comfort and maximum comfort? Let's start, perhaps, with the washbasin. Today, this practice is common, when a shelf with a mirror is hung over the washbasin to store toiletries. But if you think and weigh all the pros and cons, it will be more practical to strengthen a special locker on the wall. On the door of such a cabinet from the outside, you need to hang a mirror, the size of the door. So such a cabinet will perform two functions simultaneously. It can store all the accessories for washing, shaving, skin care and hair. It is likely that such a locker will harmoniously fit into the overall design of the furniture of the bathroom and will not only meet the functional requirements, but also serve as a good decoration.

Directly under the sink, you canMetal rod of small diameter to suspend opaque waterproof curtains. For such an impromptu screen, shelves for storage of sponges, various kinds of powders and other special detergents will easily fit.

Dirty housewife housewives are usually stored in a plastic box with a lid. It can have a coloring that harmonizes with the overall decoration of the bathroom.

Two hangers or a system of hooks for towels andFor clothes placed accordingly: at the washstand - for towels, and for clothes - near the door. If the size of the bathroom space limits you, then you can adjust the clothes hanger directly on the inside of the door. It will be both practical and convenient. Not bad, if this part of the bathroom is the same color with a box for laundry and other accessories.

Using a metal rod, fixedTwo of its ends in the walls at the level of the outer edge of the bath, you get an absolutely necessary detail of the bathroom - curtains for bathing. When buying these curtains, try to choose very strong, preferably on a fabric-based curtains, as conventional curtains are not very strong, but they are much cheaper. Do not exchange for the price, it is better to buy an expensive curtain and it will last you about a year, than to buy a cheap one and throw it out in a week.

In the bathroom you need to have, in addition to the general, alsoLocal lighting. Some cosmetic procedures, shaving, hair care involves the creation of a special light regime. It is best to provide several light bulbs around the mirror.

There are several types of bathrooms:

1. Bathroom in the bedroom. Almost all people dream of such a bath. One of the most accessible and common options is the installation of a shower cubicle or a bathroom right in the bedroom. Usually they are separated by a thin conditional partition. Such a bathroom is not subject to any functional restrictions. It can be equipped with a sauna, a boudoir, and even a gym - everything that the fantasy and financial opportunity of the owners of such a bath will allow.

2. Bathroom in the nursery. While the children are small, parents do not try to enter the bathroom directly from the nursery, but temporarily transfer it to the corridor so that parents can control the movement of the child around the house. Children's sanitary ware of the appropriate size is set as temporary. When a child grows up, then he can get a separate entrance from his room and plumbing for an adult.

3. guest bathroom. As a rule, the device does not require such a bathroom to install a full-fledged large bathroom, just an ordinary shower cubicle. It is desirable to separate the toilet, while providing it with a sink-washbasin.

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