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Maybe my vocation is a housewife?

In this article we will consider the main points, thanks to which you can become a beloved wife and an excellent housewife.

1. Appearance.

Before, when going to work, you alwaysWanted to look amazing. And this is obvious, because at work I will meet a lot of eyes that will look at you; You will not come without make-up and in ugly clothes. One of the particular mistakes is the launching of the exterior. Even if the husband is not at home, he is at work, and you only see him in the evenings - this is not a reason to look untidy. You have to get out of bed, wash under water, beautifully lay your hair and wear comfortable, cute clothes. Let it be unpretentious clothes, but it should be clean and feminine. And in this form you should meet your husband from work. You need to remember that you do not have to wear: stretched, boundless T-shirts and pants. Your spouse should see a cheerful and cheerful look before her, and not a tired and chained woman.

2. Physical data.

No matter what many women say, what if youBecome a housewife, you will not get better - this is certainly not the case. At the first stages of this "home" life, most are doomed to extra pounds. If before that you did not have enough time to easily have a bite, then now you have a fridge full of food. To solve this problem, you need: an easy diet and your willpower. It will be even better if you engage in some kind of sport or walking with a dog during the day, or to meet your husband from work and walk with him - this will allow you to combine business with pleasure.

3. Home problems.

There are times when you want nothingDo, just lie on the couch. If you want to fight against this, we recommend that you start a weekly routine. Make a plan of your actions from Monday to Friday. For example, on Monday you can clean up, on Tuesday rest, on Wednesday to do laundry, and so on. This will give you the order of your troubles and does not get lazy. Of course, you should make sure that the house is always clean and tidy, the man is always pleased to come to the cleaned apartment, or he simply will not be able to understand why you are sitting at home, and everywhere is a mess. This, of course, causes a lot of controversy, and one can not get away with the phrase "you and I work together and get tired".

4. Kitchen.

Now you have the opportunity to proveYour man what you can taste delicious. But remember that a beautiful and delicious lunch or dinner should be combined with an ideally cleaned and washed kitchen.

5. Leisure.

Do not spend all the work, just sittingAt home alone. Take care of yourself with something, and you will have certain interests for different things that you did not pay attention to before or did not have enough time. Go to girlfriends on your visit to develop communication, and more often give time to cosmetic procedures.

Well, and most importantly - you must have your ownOwn opinion about the role of the housewife. Some people think that housewives do not do anything, so they are not interesting. But only you yourself know that being a housewife is a huge work and only you can prove that a real housewife is an ideal, interesting and caring wife!

Julia Sobolevskaya, Especially for www.allwomens.ru
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