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Best Kitchen Knife

As with any choice of a thing, choosing a knifeFor what purposes do you need it? In general, in the kitchen there should be several knives with which you will perform different work. In the kitchen, you can not do without a long knife, the blade of which is about 40 cm. Also useful is a knife of medium length, about 20 cm. To cut very fresh bread into even pieces there is nothing better than a special kitchen knife for bread. Some housewives find kitchen knives very useful for cleaning vegetables.

No one doubts that the main partknife - blade. The requirements that are imposed on him are sharpness, wear resistance, strength. Another blade should not quickly be dulled. There are several ways to sharpen knives. Recently, laser sharpening is very popular. In fact, this is not sharpening, but hardening. Thanks to laser sharpening, kitchen knives do not blunt when cutting, but on the contrary sharpened. When buying such a knife, we must remember that it does not need sharpening.

An equally important indicator is the widthblades. Too narrow a blade does not allow to cut the products evenly, but too thick is not convenient to use. The best kitchen knife is a knife with a blade of medium width.

When choosing a knife, special attention should be paid togrip. After all, it will be in your hands. Handles of kitchen knives are made of plastic, wood and metal. Most housewives prefer wooden handles. After all, this is an easy, practical, eco-friendly material. Handles made of plastic are comfortable, but not strong. Metal handles heavily weight the knife.

Note the way the handle is attached andthe blade of a kitchen knife. The best kitchen knife is a knife, the handle of which completely contains a blade. And it is fixed with metal rivets. This is the most durable version of the mount.

When buying a knife, do not skimp. No wonder they say - miser pays twice. A cheap knife is often fragile. By purchasing a knife you make a purchase for a year. I'm sure that every experienced hostess has a favorite knife. In the course of time, he squandered in a narrow strip, but he was so comfortable, so native, he had been faithful and true for decades.

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