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Change the interior with your own hands

Curtains in an apartment or house play an important role. They set the tone, mood, make the interior design complete, perfect.

The simplest thing is to decorate the existing curtainsOwn hands. For decoration can come anything: beautiful applique, embroidery, original ribbons, brushes or pick-ups. Very interesting look curtains decorated with beads, shells, flowers or autumn leaves.

The second option is to change the interior - to buy new curtains that will suit your current mood, condition. But this crucial step requires material costs.

Pillows and draperies.
Pillows casually scattered on the couch,Chairs, chairs and even the floor can create a unique impression. Cushions are easy to make with your own hands or purchased from a store. And not necessarily pillows should be the same. Quite the contrary. A large number of different pillows look very impressive.

Even an old sofa or a bored chair can beChange beyond recognition, beautifully draping it. A new blanket, a blanket or just a cut of cloth, thrown on the furniture will change the interior. Furniture can be decorated in the same way as curtains, then the impression of completeness, unity of style in the interior will be created.

Photos, paintings, figurines, flowers.
Make a change in the interior of their own handsIt is possible, simply replacing old photos hanged on hay or frames, on others. You can just rearrange the statues, trinkets. Hang a beautiful picture that will remind you of some pleasant event.

From room flowers you can make a kind ofWinter garden, a place of relaxation in your interior. Just collect the flowers in one place, neatly arrange them. Put in this green corner a comfortable chair and a coffee table. Just watch the condition of the plants. If the light is not enough, install additional lamps. Do not forget that some house plants are contraindicated frequent permutations.

It's very easy to change the interior with your own hands, without making any supernatural efforts and not making expensive purchases. It would be just a desire and a little imagination.

Olga Stolyarova, Especially for www.allwomens.ru
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