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How to choose drapes and curtains correctly

And immediately the question arises: But how to choose the curtains and curtains in general? After all, curtains are not just a way to fence themselves off from the outside world, hide from extraneous curious views. They are designed to keep the heat in the room and protect it from bright sunlight. However, it is very important to note that curtains are an independent element of the overall design and decoration of the interior. Without them, it's bare, empty and uncomfortable!

The first key moment when choosing curtains -The stylistic decision of the room itself. Correctly choose curtains and curtains - this is not an easy task. However, with a successful outcome, they will match the given style of the room and color, and fabrics, and model. For example, for the eastern interior, curtains of brocade are needed, and a beautiful addition to them is a weightless organza. Classical style bedroom assumes soft velvet curtains, cozily enveloping the window. Interior in the English style insists on the classic forms of curtains with lambrequins, festoons and smoothly falling creases. The cabinet, as a rule, appeals to strictness and minimalism, and children require bright colors and natural fabrics.

It is also very important to choose the right fabricFor curtains. It can be flax and silk, gabardine and tulle, organza and tapestry. The main thing is to choose fabrics, so that their appearance and texture, organically fit into the overall interior. For example, the Russian merchant style suggests draping curtains and excludes lush French folds. And Japanese minimalism insists on translucent fabrics in ascending and sliding curtains.

Also one of the fundamental factors on the rightConsider the color of the curtains. The color scale influences mood, atmosphere and even health! It is interesting that the color of curtains can balance the color solution of the whole room.

Into the room of pale tones portraits are requestedContrasting saturated colors. For example, take an English interior. Common pastel colors with floral patterns and contrasting dark curtains are classic. With a light pink and pale beige tone, a rich burgundy is perfectly combined, cold and shiny high-tech is balanced by soft, muffled tones. Dark furniture fits perfectly with light curtains. They make the atmosphere more expressive and emphasize the overall style of the room.

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