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Flowers in the interior of the house

In general, in the compilation of bouquets can not be accurateRecipes. For example, it is impossible to follow strict instructions: we take three carnations, two asters and a few phlox ... But still there are indispensable rules: firstly, the flowers must be necessarily fresh. Not the least role is played by a vessel in which flowers are put. The bouquet and the vase must be harmonized in color and shape. Agree, small, delicate forget-me-nots are lost in a large round or thin high vase.

You should learn how to put one, three, fiveFlowers. But it's not enough just to put flowers in a vase, you have to do it so that they decorate, complement each other's arcs. Do not be afraid to experiment, choose different options. Sometimes the most, at first glance, incompatible flowers and objects make up a unique composition. So, for example, ordinary flowers of cornflowers in combination with a golden ear of rye look very effective. Or, try to decorate your bouquet with yellow and red maple leaves. I assure you, the beauty will be unearthly, the interior of the house will brighten up.

Flowers in the interior of the house will give him an unforgettableComfort, but it can affect a person's mood. To create a holiday atmosphere in the house it is enough to make a bouquet from the colors of saturated bright tones - red, orange, yellow. To give the interior softness, it is enough to remind of the sea or the night sky to make a neat composition of flowers in blue-blue tones.

In general, flowers in the interior of the house are always appropriate, inAny time of the year, with or without. Flowers have long been a means of decorating the house. In the making of bouquets, a story is hidden. Each country has its own cultural traditions. And bouquets are made in different ways. There are whole treatises that explain the meaning of each flower, a combination of colors. Earlier in general, the bouquet was a real letter that could tell a lot of interesting things about the feelings of the one who gave this bouquet.

Learn to make bouquets, and your house will be transformed.

Olga Stolyarova, Especially for www.allwomens.ru
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