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Recreation area organization

1. Chair and sofa.
For us, this is the most familiar composition. In the houses of millions, the sofa and two armchairs have firmly settled. They are usually located around the coffee table, on the contrary, as a rule, there is a TV. Such headsets for small apartments are calculated.

2. three plus two. If you need more beds in the room,Then put a large sofa on three seats and put perpendicularly a smaller sofa for two. This option requires more space, not less than twenty square meters.

3. corner sofa. So that you do not care about such a problem asArrange chairs and sofas, buy a corner sofa. It is more suitable for people who like to luxuriate in a relaxed pose, to sit in a corner in a tight company. At least 6 people can fit in it. For the area you need to have a sufficient angle, because the sofa becomes the center of the entire composition, the entire interior is built from the sofa.

4. sofa-transformer. It is very convenient, but it looks unusual in ourInterior. Armrests and backrests change the slope and shape, there are footrests and headrests, shelves are rolled out, they can put glasses with some drinks, cover tea for two, put a laptop to work on the net. It's better not to clamp such a magnificent thing between heavy furniture, you need to allocate more space for it, because it's already self-sufficient.

5. a couch, a pouf, a goat. If you want to organize an interior in the eastStyle, for this you will fit low couches. Good models that are equipped with the mechanisms of transformation. They will stand at the wall, and can stand on the podium, covered with carpets, on which your children will play. They also like the goat - a small couch and puffs. And if there are elderly people in the house, you can not do without a soft chair.

To feel the comfort and coziness of the recreation area, you canHighlight lights, carpet on the floor and floor lamps. Furniture for the reception of guests and recreation areas, except for the traditional magazine with chairs, can be supplemented with radio-video equipment, a permanent or transformable dining place. This zone, supplemented, can be a stand for the projector and a screen, an installation for color music and so on. The remaining zones in the living room can be of an individual character.

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