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Rest in the Altai Republic

First, you should decide what you expect fromrecreation? There will be a quiet family journey, admiring the beauties of nature; Or a noisy company of friends will have a fun and noisy vacation? From this will depend not only the route, but also the means of transportation. Most of the inhabitants of Siberia have already appreciated all the advantages of this wonderful place. Many travel to Altai on their own cars. And you will meet not only representatives of all corners of Siberia, but also many residents of the European part of Russia. Indeed, the nature of Altai is worth such a long and tiring journey. At the height of the tourist season in some villages and villages of Altai, visitors are even more than the local population.

If as a vehicle youChoose the car, it can give you many advantages. The most important thing is that you can choose your own itinerary. By the way, it is better to develop it in advance. Explore the map of the Altai Republic on the Internet, read reviews of local attractions, select the ones that you like and develop your own itinerary. Note that if you use not only central routes, but also small roads, then their quality can be quite critical. Be prepared for the fact that you can not get to many wonderful places (waterfalls, passes, lakes) by car, so you'll have to use the services of guides. But there will not be any problems with this, at every step you will find suggestions for excursions and all kinds of entertainment.

For recreation in the Republic of Altai you canUse not only your own car. In recent years, tourism in the republic is developing at a rapid pace, so that the choice of visitors a large number of different recreation bases. You can buy a ticket, which will include travel by bus to and from the place, accommodation at the base, meals, a variety of excursions.

If the wild rest in the tent does not suit the sameLike life on the base, then you can rent a separate house or room. But keep in mind that if your trip is planned for the weekend, then it is worth taking care of the accommodation in advance.

The Altai Republic will welcome you cordially, but thisIn the event that you will rest in touristy developed places. If you dare to travel to more "wild" places where tourism is not so developed, then it is worth sticking to some simple precautions. For such a trip, it is better to gather a friendly and not small company. Traveling alone is quite dangerous. Take care and about any means of self-defense. It is better to have a stock of the most necessary products and medicines. In the remote villages of shops quite a few and they close early. For the night it's better to stop in specially designated places (camping), there you can rent a house or stay with a tent.

Consider the characteristics of your body. Pressure and climatic conditions are quite different from those in the plains. The climate in the Altai Republic is mild and quite warm. In summer you will be pleased with the hot sun and moderate humidity. Winter is also not characterized by severe frosts and large snows. In some years in certain areas of snow may not be at all.

It is not for nothing that Altai was called "pearl Siberia" ... What wouldSights and which route you would not choose the mountains will surely give you rich impressions. But be careful! Because, one who visited Altai once, can not not return here again.
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