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A bouquet of flowers in a vase

In this article we will try to figure out how to make a bouquet of flowers vase looked beautiful, original and harmonious.

The shape of the vase.
Today, vases come in a variety of sizes,Colors and textures. Vases can be tall: oval, cylindrical, widening to the top; Low: round, square, asymmetric, flat. But do not choose a vase of too bright color and with sculptural ornaments, this can divert attention from the flowers themselves. Also as vases, use unusual snags and a weave of birch bark, inserting a jar of water in them.

Vase and flowers.
To any colors vases of all shades of brown, green, white and black colors will approach.

Crystal, glass vases and handmade metal containers are suitable for such colors as: orchid, clove, calla, gerbera, anthurium.
In small crystal vases, flowers with smooth pedicels, daffodils, nasturtiums, hyacinths, freesias look spectacular.

Simple ceramic vases and clay pots -Find if you want to put a bouquet of wild flowers on the table. Such vases are suitable for chamomiles, cornflowers, lungworts, forget-me-nots, for annuals - marigolds, salvia, zinnia.

Floor ceramic and porcelain vases are required for large flowers - gladioli, lilies, irises, agapanthus, as well as branches of lilac, mimosa, bird cherry, panicle of cereals, etc.

Decorative greenery.
To give a bouquet in a vase a finished look,Usually use ornamental foliage. The most common is the openwork greens of asparagus plumosus, gypsophila and ivy shoots, monster leaves, palm trees, begonias. The arrangement of greenery should look natural, it can not be given a position that is not in accordance with its nature. It is desirable to cover the edge of the vase with a hanging branch or shoot.

Fixing flowers in a vase.
To fix the flowers in a small lowVase use pebbles or sand. In cases where this is not enough, the stems are fixed with wire. In narrow-necked vases the stems of flowers can not be fixed. Cylindrical vases use a cruciform attachment or a branch split at the end is inserted into the vase. Wide-necked vases use metal tattoos, a wire fine-meshed mesh or a bundled wire.
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