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How to Increase the Bathroom Space

That the bathroom because of this did not look boring andMonotonous, add a few bright colors in the form of accessories, towels, etc. When decorating a room with light colors, choose materials that are easy to wash and wash.

2. Vertical surfaces

You can raise the ceiling by using vertical bars. Avoid large, bright drawings on walls that reduce space.

3. Mirrors

Nothing extends space like mirrorsAnd mirror surfaces. It is best to hang a large mirror or several narrow mirrors in a row above the bathroom or over the sink. Mirrors hanging opposite one another create the illusion of infinite space. Very original look mirrors, placed on the entire area of ​​the door, then you get a kind of French door.

4. Use the corners

Well save space and at the same time hide a lot of things from the eyes of corner sinks and cabinets. L-shaped racks are also convenient.

5. Remove all unnecessary

In the bathroom space is too valuable,To clutter it with unnecessary things. In order to turn, do not shove a shampoo every now and then, leave only the essentials at hand, hide the rest or move away.

  • Make several open shelves locatedAt the top on the wall, they do not so eat up space, like closed cabinets, located on the floor or at eye level. Small items put in containers and put on such a high shelf.
  • You can make a built-in wardrobe under the sink, it is convenient to store cleaning and cleaning products, as well as brushes and sponges.
  • If conditions permit, a washing machine instead of a bathroom is best placed in the kitchen.
  • A small cabinet or shelf can be placed directly above the toilet. This space is usually useless.
6. Use the door

They can accommodate hooks, hangers and towel holders. A miniature version of these things can also be placed on the inside surfaces of cabinet doors.

7. Let in a little light

The better illuminated the bathroom, the wider it seems. To the main overhead light, add a few small light sources above the sink, mirror or over the bathtub.

The most effective way to reflect light is to use as many mirror and glass surfaces as possible.

8. Think outside the box

First of all, think about convenience and practicality and only then about fashion trends. Do not be afraid to experiment.

No one knows your bathroom better than you,So you yourself can find the most rational interior solution for your bathroom. In this you will benefit from various niches, partitions, cabinets and shelves of non-standard shapes and sizes.


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