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Dangerous rest

Of the CIS countries, the most dangerous was Ukraine - 42 people died, 21 of them - as a result of an accident. In Europe, the cause of the death of 64 Russian tourists was mainly accidents.

However, as the Foreign Ministry assures, many deaths can beIt would have been avoided if the tourists themselves had followed the elementary precautions. So, Elena Azarova, director and instructor of PADI of one of the Moscow dive clubs, warns that it's not worth it to debut on vacation as a diver. The first time you need at least try to dive into the pool. It is better to pass the OWD (Open Water Diver) course for beginners.

In Egypt or Turkey, a crowd is crowded, oftennothing really explaining. Often, in cheap beach dive centers, substandard equipment is provided or time service is not passed. Even if a novice diver is lucky with an instructor and equipment, the risk does not rise to the surface anyway. In the same Goa, tourists have seen skates more than once.

Travel agencies also advise: Do not save money on your own life, go on excursions only through official travel agencies. They are at least responsible for people. And, of course, you can not book excursions on the street.

People who rest on the principle of "wolves"afraid to not go to the forest! "When going to exotic voyages, you can put in the first group of risks." If a person goes to equatorial Africa, for example, in Tanzania now fashionable, not taking root against malaria, he runs a lot of risk. "Dangerous infectious diseases are also found in countries Central Asia, the Mediterranean, China, the southern states of the United States.

In the Dominican Republic, Cuba and other countriesThe Caribbean is home to many poisonous insects. So those who in the list of chronic diseases are "allergic to insect bites," it is better to forget about trips here.

With land snakes, you also need to be more careful. For example, there are a lot of them in India. Cobra there often settle next to a person - so it's easier for them to find their own food. Therefore, you must remember the golden rule: if you do not know what kind of livestock in front of you, bypass it. In the evening at tropical resorts it is better to walk with a flashlight, because scorpions and snakes can crawl out onto the paths. This is a matter of elementary caution.

However, it is not only insects that need to be guarded, butand quite attractive girls. For all its popularity, Thailand is now considered one of the most dangerous countries for recreation. "Sexual Thai Paradise," for which many here come, can turn into a completely non-sexual hell. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), recently in Thailand the number of sexually transmitted diseases is skyrocketing.

But even if you are not inclined to "casual connections" andsex tourism prefer tourism gastronomic, safety is not guaranteed. For example, in China, where 1,651,715 Russians rested in 2007, there is a high probability of poisoning the local cuisine.


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