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Roller skating

Do not buy cheap commercials on the market! As a rule, such models are made of unreliable fragile plastic, the wheels on them rotate badly. This will prevent you from enjoying skating and, moreover, can cause injuries.

If you stand on rollers for the first time, betterContact a large sports shop where a competent specialist will help and explain everything. Measure and try, paying attention first of all to the convenience, not the color or shape of the fasteners.

Rollers are not for beginners:

  • Shoe made of molded plastic, small wheels - this is for the extreme, riding around the railing, etc .;
  • Models with five wheels are racing rollers;
  • Models, similar to hockey skates, - this is the shoes for hockey on rollers.
For beginners the rollers of the ruler are optimal"Fitness", present in most major manufacturers. Bring the rollers home, put them on and wait - drive around the apartment for at least an hour. If there is discomfort, it is better to roll the rollers to the store and look for another model.

Do not skate without protection! The protection kit includes knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet and wrist protection. Do not neglect the helmet! This is especially important for beginners.

Learning to ride

So, you're in full gear, smooth asphaltThe playground is found, the sun is shining. Dry weather is an important condition. On wet asphalt, you can not skate - the rollers will quickly become worthless. Also, do not go for a drive on the sand: it gets into the mechanism and also kills your videos. On slightly damp asphalt, you can ride, but it requires certain skills, so it's better not to start from this.

Correct posture

The body should always be slightly tilted forward. One leg is half a foot in front of the other, the legs are slightly bent and work like shock absorbers. Before you go, rehearse this pose while standing.

First steps

Of course, it's better if you have an experienced roller,Which will support and teach. But even if this is not among your friends, do not go out on the site alone in the first days. You need someone who will insure you.

When taking the first steps, pay attention to the fact thatIt is necessary to push off not one forward, and all four wheels. Remember the right rack. Do not try to immediately accelerate, for starters you need to feel the rollers and the principle of movement. When you learn to ride a little, try to go around small obstacles: for example, place on the site banks.

If you feel that you are falling, do not be afraid: on you protection. Try to distribute the drop along the sliding: first the asphalt touches the knee pads, then the elbow pads and only then the wrists guard.

Experts say that you can learn how to ridefor five days! The main thing is not to be afraid and to enjoy the process. But then you are waited by the sea of ​​delight from sensation of speed and flight at driving on solar streets or night quays! And the joy of trying on new clothes, because the extra pounds go away and the whole body pulls up.

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