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The right interior is the guarantee of peace of mind

What do we want from home? So, choose the style. With all the seeming variety in fact it turns out that the main style directions are only four: classic, modern, ethno and high-tech. All the rest is already style-forming details.

How to choose an interior design? Some designers begin the creative process with ... an informal dinner in a restaurant with customers. At first glance, it is difficult to consider the artist's intense intellectual activity after a leisurely, pleasant conversation. This is his skill. A casual, secular conversation is actually an interview. The designer unobtrusively conducts his scouting: cold tones or warm ones? Minimalism or floridity? Leather or velvet? By the end of dinner, the professional, as a rule, has already matured a "diagnosis". A little trick - if it's not our intention to ask for help from a professional designer, you can conduct an "interview" in the genre of "auto-ethnography" yourself, answering yourself with simple questions. It is important to remember at the same time that our goal is not to impress anyone at all, but to create the most comfortable conditions for ourselves.

Tell me who you are

By the most general classification, all people are divided intotemperament into four types: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic. Since each of them has a special view of the world and its perception of the beautiful, a unique manner of behavior and a way of interacting with others, people so different from each other need a completely different environment to feel comfortable.

Choleric people are real "fidgets"spontaneous, eccentric and energetic. Phlegmatic, on the contrary, are concentrated and balanced. They are hard to get mad or surprise. Sanguinics combine emotionality and the ability to get carried away by choleric people with the thoughtfulness and depth of phlegmatic people. Finally, melancholic people are somewhat apathetic and hypochondriac, but sensitive, responsive and receptive.

And although in their pure form these temperaments are extremely rare, we can talk about a predominant, predominant type of behavior.

Another little advice. Do not rush to throw out "all that is superfluous". Souvenirs, family heirlooms, lovely trinkets will surely find a place in the new interior. A home without hints at the history of life is like a palm without lines.

Remember the color. Perhaps, one of the main tips in the design will be for you a color solution. As soon as you understand, in what colors you want to live happily ever after - the color itself will "choose" the architectural lines and design content of the premises. "In tone" it is much easier to choose finishing materials, accessories and other accessories. It would be good to be guided, in addition to the aesthetic representations, by the practicality of every detail.

Architectural solution. Surely for the owner of the living space is not a secret that it is not necessary to break down the walls. With the help of all kinds of modern lighting devices, the same room can change beyond recognition. However, we do not forget about compatibility. We do not get rid of old mirrors, lamps and aquariums with thoughtless extravagance. But we are not trying to "squeeze" accessories from the past of the interior to where they clearly do not fit.


Repair, of course, is a natural disaster. But treat everything philosophically and remember the folk wisdom: "Hurry up - people make fun of." Hurry in repair - it's the most undesirable thing. After all, our ultimate goal is to create around ourselves a small cozy universe, beyond which any cataclysms are not terrible.

TEST Consent and disagreement with statementsevaluate on a 10-point scale: 1. Before any important event for me, I begin to get nervous. 2. I work unevenly, in snatches. 3. I quickly switch from one case to another. 4. If necessary, I can safely wait. 5. I need sympathy and support, especially in case of failures and difficulties. 6. With equals I am unrestrained and quick-tempered. 7. It is not difficult for me to make a choice. 8. I do not have to restrain my emotions, it turns out by itself.

Calculate the weight of each of the typestemperaments according to the formulas: melancholic = 1 + 5; choleric = 2 + 6; sanguine = 3 + 7; phlegmatic = 4 + 8 Corresponding symbols - X, C, F, M - write down their values ​​in descending order. So you will receive a priority temperamental formula, you will be able to determine the psychotype that prevails in you and use the knowledge gained in creating a comfortable home and original interior.

Who are you?

Choleric - is not afraid of extravagance and adores bold decisions, so eclectic, motley and ornate mixture will have just right;

- The room should be spacious, so that furniture and knick-knacks do not prevent it from moving swiftly and gesticulating from the heart;
- for emotional relief the interior of the cholericrequires simple and rigorous forms: minimalism or hi-tech will work well, especially since mobile modular furniture will satisfy the passion for change and will make life more dynamic, providing the necessary change of impressions;
- the changeable temper of the choleric person will satisfy modern decorative lighting systems, which can be varied depending on the mood and aesthetic predilections at the moment;
- the color design of the interior should be light"Cool" his hot head, so it is favorable for the choleric to affect the shades of blue, which can be diluted in green, and not orange or red, as he pleases;
- for such an energetic psychotype, it is important to carefully think over the interior of the recreation areas: there should be cozy corners in the house that are kept in a cool range, lit gently and absent-mindedly;


- in its interior there can be nothing accidental;
- The main thing for a melancholic is to avoid stress, so it is important to create around him an atmosphere of coziness, warmth, comfort and tranquility;
- his predilections are very diverse: from the classics to the modern, from the Scandinavian style to the ethno; the main thing is that in the house of melancholics those things which he likes, among which he can feel harmony and psychological comfort, are collected;
- space and emptiness oppress the melancholic, but the caves, hidden from prying eyes, crushing the space of the apartment, seem to him the embodiment of comfort;
- the room is better to be zoned using racks, screens or semi-transparent blinds;
- he prefers soft, diffused lighting, likes to highlight pictures and niches; light should flow smoothly into the shade;
- it is important to cover the floors with carpets or a soft covering with a pile, muffling the steps and warming the feet;
- furniture should not be with sharp angles, because the melancholic feeds on the propensity to ovals and circles;
- the color solution of its interior - always light, light and not irritating, saturated with shades of yellow - from the color of river sand to a saturated amber and terracotta;
- romanticism and sentimentality of melancholiaare manifested in attachment to memorabilia, so to store a pile of photographs, children's drawings, souvenirs, toys and dried flowers, you will need a cupboard, a niche, chest of drawers or a closet.


- he lives brightly, experiencing the fullness of feelings, so his interior should be painted in fresh and bright colors: yellow, orange, cream, red, amber, terracotta;
- The sanguine house is filled with joy and energy, there is a lot of air and light in it, so the sanguine will gladly take down a couple of walls, not shutting off cozy corners;
- He does not like large furniture and manages a minimal set of items;
- his style preferences are hard to guess, but the main thing is that there is a lot of air, light and color, glass and mirrors, which visually expand the space;
- in general, it is necessary to create a bright and cozy atmosphere of cordiality in the house, so that guests come to such a master with pleasure.

Phlegmatic person

- stability and peace - the two main values ​​of the phlegmatic interior;
- He likes reliable things that are not subject to fashion trends, so a good half of the furniture in the house will be inherited;
- the second half, equally sound and reliable, he will buy himself and will take care to transfer it to his descendants in perfect condition;
- the phlegmatic prefers the classical style;
- in furniture for him, not only beauty and convenience are important, but also structural features, ecological compatibility of materials, durability and strength of the mechanisms used;
- the interior in his house will look solid and respectable, practically unchanged for decades;
- Comfort of the interior, mainly creates a warm muted color scale, as well as an abundance of natural materials - ceramics, wood, natural stone;
- decorating the interior, as a rule, will require paintings, books, porcelain and sculptures;
- lamps must also differ traditional, somewhat even old-fashioned forms and give a soft light;
- The floor is covered with parquet and decorated with carpets made of natural wool;
- for the phlegmatic person order is very important, therefore it is important not to forget about the wardrobe rooms, cabinets and cupboards, pantries and wardrobes that help to order life.

But whoever you are, remember that no other house will look like yours! After all, you are unique!

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