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Interior: the effect of color on a person

Psychologically, the strength of the orange is great - it is capable of mobilizing vital forces, getting out of the depression and making you do something incredibly complex.

In psychotherapy, orange is used whenA person faces heavy losses. He provides support in case of loss or grief, introducing a lost balance. Orange very well helps to take negative events in life, release an insoluble situation. He gives the ability to do something, strive for a new life. Therefore, if you feel tired, apathetic, lack of mood and desire to do anything, get orange blankets and pillows, glue orange notes on the computer for recording, put a dish with oranges or tangerines in the kitchen.

You can use different shades of orange. So, for example, pastel orange (almost peach) is associated with freshness and health, it is soft and unobtrusive. A darker orange, with a brown tone - terracotta - gives a feeling of well-being and stability. Such shades are very suitable for living room and bedroom, as they are calm and noble and even in large numbers will not be annoying or annoying. Remember that the orange color can spread to other lighter colors, so if you want to emphasize any whiteness, then do it away from the orange. Even with low light, this color makes the room brighter and lighter.

Orange color in your house


Orange cuisine is cozy and very warmRoom. This color helps digestion and improves appetite. Very orange at home looks in combination with wood: with natural you will get a style of light rural "country", and with a dark brown - a stylish and respectable dining room.

Living room

If you are a mobile, active and active person,And your entire family is constantly going together, celebrating noisy holidays and loves to watch cheerful movies together, then a bright orange living room will suit you. And if you want to create a soft and noble atmosphere, then orange can be used as accessories with very light or white walls and brown furniture. This combination of colors is considered one of the classic stylish options.


It is believed that the orange is the color of the childFun - he is bright, fervent and slightly spontaneous. With the help of this color, you can push the child to research activity, if you apply it in anything at the training place. Orange can strengthen the will - so if your child does sports, add orange to his sports corner or sports things. To the orange does not seem too aggressive, it is better to combine it with the colors of his group: yellow, beige and red (but there should be very little red). Avoid sharp contrasting combinations with green, bright blue, black - such things are out of balance.


For the bedroom orange - too bright andExciting color, he will never give you the opportunity to relax and rest properly, he will constantly keep you in an emotional tone. However, the researchers found that the orange color is capable of maintaining sexuality. So a few orange accessories in the bedroom will not prevent anyone. It can be bed linen, decorative pillows on a bedspread, flowers in a vase, a lampshade. Small strokes of orange on a soft purple background look very stylish and at the same time create a relaxed atmosphere in which you can easily forget about all serious matters.


In a confined space a large numberThe orange color will look too flashy and even tasteless. If you combine white tiles with orange accents and accessories, then the bathroom will look clean, modern, and bright accents will keep you toned, which is quite good in the mornings. If, on the contrary, combine orange with warm beige or pastel tones, the bathroom will become very warm and cozy - even under an invigorating shower you will not be cold.


If you are primarily engaged in creativity,Then the orange color here will be very handy, since it stimulates creativity. And for visitors it will seem too intrusive and frivolous, so it's better not to use it for business negotiations.

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