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Moving to permanent place of residence

1. Transport.
The first thing to do is findA suitable machine that will accommodate both small boxes and large cabinets. On how responsibly you approach the choice of transport, it depends on how your move will pass. To begin with, estimate the volume of things that need to be transported from one place to another. If there are not many of them, then perhaps you will have enough of a small "gazelle". If you need to transport a large number of things, then you need a few cars or the same machine will have to return several times.
But it's not just a suitable car. Think about who will help you carry heavy objects, load and unload them. Perhaps you will manage the help of several friends. If there are no such friends, use the services of a proven firm that has experience in this area. The company must be reliable, so pay attention to reviews about the company.

2. Packing things.
This is the most difficult. Things tend to accumulate more than we think. An ordinary person constantly uses only 50% of those things that he owns. Therefore, moving is a great way to get rid of unnecessary things. Without regret, throw away everything you did not need for the past six months. Some finds you may be happy. If this is not a passport lost a year ago or valuables, then you do not need them. Hand out, sell or just take them out to the trash.
Remember the rule - carry large items with large ones, and small, especially fragile, pack separately. Do not transport the sideboard without removing the old crystal from it.

3. Be consistent.

Most often, the move must be completed in one day. But it is impossible to do this with less loss, if you do not stick to any system. Remember that at first the biggest things are transported: cabinets, beds, sofas, tables and armchairs. All the little things are transported last. Especially valuable things should not be added together with everyone, it is better to return specially for them.

4. Do not lose things.
Often during the crossings, familySpoons, books, clothes. For. So that it does not happen so that you do not mix up the boxes, forget nothing and do not break it, make a list of everything that needs to be transported. Then pack things according to this list and do not forget to sign boxes, write down for yourself the number of boxes with dishes or clothes. So you will be sure that all 4 boxes with tools will be delivered to the destination, it will be easy to control.

5. New apartment.

Many before moving to a new apartment doRepair, general cleaning. If the repair is clear, then cleaning is clearly not worth doing. It's one thing to remove construction debris, the other is to rub the floors. During the move, you and the loaders bring a lot of dust and dirt from the street, so postpone the cleaning for the time when you put all the things in their places. But do not forget to go back to your old dwelling, check if an important detail from the computer is lying somewhere in the corner, whether you have forgotten the money in a secret place. Very often people arrange small hiding places under the floor or under the bathroom, and during the journey they forget about them. You have to check all the hiding places before new tenants come to your old apartment. In addition, try to bring your past dwelling in a decent appearance. Take out the garbage, sweep the floor, check that lights, gas and water are turned off so that unforeseen situations do not happen.

During the move to another place the residence canA lot of extraordinary situations arise. It is important to take into account as many of them as possible. If you have animals, think about how and in what you will transport them, with whom you leave for a while, while you are driving from one apartment to another, how to control, so that during the move they will not run away. If you have the opportunity to stretch your move at least for a weekend, use it. This will give you the opportunity not to hurry, which means that you will less panic, there will be less confusion. But it is important not only to approach the move systematically, but also to look for advantages in this event. Each new home has major changes. Who knows what happiness awaits you in the new place? Be ready to meet him, then you will not have to regret changing your dwelling.

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