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Beach holidays

Cyprus is famous for many sights. One of the most attractive and romantic places of this island is the beaches of Aphrodite. According to legend, the goddess of love emerged from sea foam just on this coast at the rock of Perth-tu-Romiou. It is believed that the divine power of the most beautiful of the goddesses is still present in these waters. Everyone who plunges into the sea, she gives beauty, youth and a chance to meet her love.
If you plan a vacation with a loved one,Be sure to visit the Akamas peninsula, where the baths of Aphrodite are located. There you can walk to the fountain of Amaros. If your man drinks a sip of key water from this fountain, his love for you will never dry out.
In addition, you can visit many ancientRuins or modern discos and clubs - according to your desire. If you like noisy parties, modern music and would like to meet famous people, you should go to Limassol or Ayia Napa. The sea in these places is not the cleanest, it's the port cities, but the night life is very rich. In Cyprus, you will not have to miss anyone.

If you expect a lot of sun, heat,Affectionate sea, then you should think about rest in Italy. Feel free to go to Rimini on the Adriatic Sea. This is the most romantic resort of the entire coast. His atmosphere is for love, relaxation and bliss. Even if you go on vacation without a company, you can be sure, new acquaintances in this place are guaranteed to you. Here, trendy clubs are combined with old streets full of interesting sights. You can admire both the monument to Julius Caesar, and the triumphal arch of Augustus, the bridge of Tiberius, palaces and fortresses. There are water parks, shops and beaches.
It is this place that will help create an atmosphere of carefree and happy life.

Recently Crimean beaches have become veryPopular. One of the best places is the village of Koktebel and its surroundings. Here in the sea is an extinct volcano Kara-Dag, the mysterious Cape of Chameleon is constantly changing its color. It is here that you can admire the flight of color hang-gliders, olive trees and beautiful beaches, not inferior to anything most exotic.
Rest in Koktebel as if specially created forActive young people, for lovers of fancy parties. Here you can not only relax, playing volleyball, lying on a gentle sand or dancing in an endless disco in the open. You can ride a boat or a yacht, look for real carnelian and onyx, which are run by the sea in natural conditions. Such a holiday will surely be remembered for the rest of your life, and, perhaps, you will want to return here again and again - in the company of friends or in the hopes to meet new acquaintances on this hospitable coast.

If you prefer quiet quiet rest,Pay attention to the island of Mleet in Croatia. It is not just an island, but a real national park full of pine forests. It's warm until late autumn, so you can rest on it even in September. It is on this island that you will be able to see the 12th century Franciscan monastery that stands in the middle of a lake on a small island or visit a cave in which the beautiful Calypso once lived. Such a holiday will give you peace and tranquility.

Choosing a place for vacation, it is worth paying attention toNot only popular places, but also unknown corners of the world. Perhaps it is you who will be able to open the best place in the world and the perfect beach where you can spend an unforgettable vacation.
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