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How to spend a vacation?

1. Children's camp.
A trip to a children's camp is the first thing thatComes to mind. This way to spend at least one summer month is suitable for most students who have reached that age and development, when parents are no longer afraid to send them on their journey alone. The camp should be such that the child in it not only had fun from morning till night, but also learned something new. Now the choice of camps is huge - there are those where children learn foreign languages, there are those where master classes on playing musical instruments or teaching acting skills take place. There are children's camps in which children are taught to manage their business and even the country. There are sports camps and camps with a mathematical, literary or biological bias. Choose how to spend a vacation in the camp, you need on the basis of their abilities and wishes of the child. If he likes to study a subject at school or he does well in any sport, finding a suitable camp will not be difficult.

2. A trip to the south.

Many families go to the sea in summer toTo improve health and relax from worries. But parents are concerned not only about the health of their children, but also about how they will spend their free time. Schoolchildren are hardly suitable for passive beach holidays. If you are thinking about how to spend a vacation, then do not plan them so that the child is always bored on the beach or at the hotel. Think about what excursions will be interesting for you and your children, what places they will be interested in seeing, and how they will entertain themselves in the evenings. If adults consider an evening spent at a restaurant to be very successful, then children will quickly get bored.
Hotels that provide entertainment for visitors of all ages and cities, where there is something to do for every member of the family, will be the best choice.

3. In the country.
Another common summer holiday option- rest at the cottage. Many people think about how to spend a vacation in the wilderness for the benefit of all. The answer is simple - you need to involve the child in labor. But it is not always possible to get a schoolboy to dig into the garden or take care of pets, and not every job will be in his power. But you can organize interesting activities - the building of starling houses for the winter, the device of the pool or pond on the site, the installation of a weather vane or a hike into the forest. At the dacha, too, it may be interesting if you take care of the child to be busy with something else, except weeding the beds and looking after the chickens.

4. In the city.
If parents do not plan a summer vacation, they can notSend the child either to the camp, or to the dacha, or to the sea, there remains the last option - to spend a vacation in the city. It is important to prevent the child from limiting his leisure time to computers and TV.
While you are at work, give the childTasks - walk a dog, sweep the floor, read a book. Let the child conduct a kind of literary diary in which he describes the names and a brief content of all the books read. So you will be sure that he does not waste time for nothing. In addition, it is possible to give the child daily assignments in those subjects that are difficult for him to give. If he will decide for an hour or two a day, or write dictations, the holidays will not spoil it, but the knowledge gained during the school year will not be lost.

In addition, in the summer in the city there is an opportunityVisit exhibitions, museums, performances, for which there is no time, when the child is studying. During the summer holidays, you can write a child in any section, for example, in the pool or in the equestrian club. The student will have the opportunity to communicate more with peers, to walk a lot and learn to establish contacts with people. Thus, this time will be spent with advantage.

It turns out that if there are many ways how to conductVacation is not only pleasant, but also useful. All children love to learn something new, and they all do not like boredom. If you remember this, you can turn the most common occupation into an exciting game that will interest any child. And over the summer he will not only be more, but also smarter and stronger.
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