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Perhaps those who say that not once inLife did not envy anyone. Sooner or later, envy overtakes us and does not hurry to let go. A neighbor has a good figure, which she inherited, and you have not left the gym for a year. The colleague became the head of a year after the graduation from the university, you are sitting in the same place for 5 years. Someone has a husband, and you do not even have a dog. Someone has a big car, and you have a bicycle on the balcony. There are plenty of reasons for envy, just give her will, as she threatens to overwhelm her head.
Envy breeds our fears, regrettably aboutMissed opportunities, complexes and illusions. A neighbor in fact can very well turn out to be a fat woman who simply wears corrective underwear that you do not suspect. The colleague became the headmistress, because she had to become the mistress of the old and vile Chief Boss. Someone 's cheating changes, the service car and hair are accrued. But you do not know about it and continue to be jealous.
Perhaps this feeling should be thrown first.

The immense ego.
Each of us considers ourselves unique and hasThis is a complete right. If you are firmly convinced that there is nobody better than you and can not be, if you think that everyone should love you just because you are, in spite of how you behave, these are already problems. In the end, you can be considered an incorrigible selfish person and remain in proud solitude.
Get rid of your huge ego, which is alreadyLong prevents you from living, clinging to all sharp angles and hurting others. You will instantly feel relief and do not dare to stay with the diagnosis of megalomania.


Did not you notice that at every convenient andUncomfortable case you start to teach others life? Do you distribute advice to the right and to the left, even when you are not asked about it? If you do not allow your relatives to solve personal issues on your own, if you meet and impose your opinion, it's time to stop. Think, is your opinion really the only true or, and you can make a mistake? Stop and get rid of the manner of teaching everyone and everyone and you will see that there are many interesting things in the world that even you do not know.

Love of weakness.

Some people do not hide their shortcomings, theyThey are loved, cherished and cherished. They recognize both the propensity for lying, and crooked legs, and bitchiness, and pettiness, but ... are in no hurry to get rid of it. If you think the most pleasant topic for discussion is a discussion of your own flaws, then you should have noticed that you do not have many friends, but everyone who wants a foe easily gets to the very patient.
Get rid of self-pity and begin to eliminate the reasons why you so want to feel sorry for yourself.

Of course, sometimes even close people make suchMuck, which can not be answered. But if you take revenge on people for every reason - and because you were pushed into the subway and for having been deprived of the prize, it's worth thinking about what's wrong with you. In some troubles, you can be to blame yourself, not others. Do not blame their shoulders. Forgive people who accidentally or specifically offended you, try to forget these grievances and stop revenge. Try to live differently, become more benevolent. You will quickly feel how life has become easier without oppressive hatred.

We all have shortcomings. Someone likes to make promises and never fulfills them. Someone yazvit for every reason, someone is lying at every turn, someone can not talk about anything other than about themselves. We do not always notice these shortcomings in ourselves, but we often see in others. Perhaps regular general cleaning can be an excellent way to get rid of the burden of unpleasant habits. Other people can come to their place, those that will make you better.
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