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Russian housewives

Mother of the family.

There is a category of women who, due to their natureOr upbringing and in our time believe that the main duty of women and the meaning of her life is a family, and work is a secondary aspect of life that can easily be neglected. Russian housewives who have opted for a family are often guided by such considerations.

These women spend much time at home, oftenAre fond of cooking, needlework, have or want two or more children, if the family budget allows. It is to such women that you can always come for advice or a recipe, they have answers to almost all questions relating to everyday life. They know what to feed the husband, so as not to change how to treat the cat and how to calm the child.
Women's home in housewives of this typeHidden deep or forgotten. First of all, they are mistresses, mothers, somebody's daughters and sisters, and then only friends and just women. This is the main drawback of Russian housewives of this type. Often, in their relationships, they lack the share of respect that exists in the relationship between more demanding and less self-sacrificing people.

Western option.

It's no secret that for many years we haveThey wanted to become like Europeans, they changed their way of life and thoughts, priorities and goals. Those Russian housewives, who took for the ideal image of a standard American family, adhere to Western standards.
These are active women who leave work andOften a successful career in order to properly educate children and take care of their husbands. Our women try not to focus only on pots and diapers, but they take an example with happy American women who have a hobby, which often becomes an additional income. They are more confident in themselves, because they perceive their role differently. They are not just housewives, but educators, cooks, economists and psychologists in one person, they do not just have to cook and clean up, but plan their family budget, resolve conflict situations and engage in the development and organization of family leisure.
How successful is it introduced into our everydayLife is the image of such a housewife, it is difficult to judge. About such women can not be said that their entire life is subordinated to the requirements of the family, although, of course, it is the family that is central to their lives.

Losers and opportunists.

Not less often among Russian housewivesThere are also those who refused to work and care for the family not from altruistic beliefs or vocations, but because of the banal laziness or inability to manifest themselves in any area. Many people try to deny the reasons why women become housewives, but this group of women is easily distinguished from others.
They can hardly be called good housewives. If the income of the husband in their house allows the order only when the servants tried, in another situation these women do not want or can not perform the simplest work in the house. Often they have many activities that are not related to the family and children. These women have neither satisfaction nor pride in their social status, since in fact they are very difficult to classify as housewives, since they are engaged in an extremely small business.
But, if there is such a niche, sinceIn demand, and those women for whom the opportunity not to work in the family or in another place is the main advantage in choosing such a way of life, we can conclude that this has its advantages.

Russian housewives are not some kind of oneType of women. Each of them makes a choice in favor of the family for their own reasons, sometimes it is a forced measure, sometimes it is really a calling or consequence of love and willingness to sacrifice much for the good of the family. It happens that women become housewives temporarily, until children grow up, this is the most common option. Basically, women are interested in working and achieving success not only in the kitchen, but also in other areas. But it is necessary to say that men appreciate those who conquer career peaks and those who improve in mastering home economics, which means that mutual respect, love and satisfaction depend not only on what the woman does.
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