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TV: harm or benefit?

Propensity to violence.
You can be indignant at any length of the subject,That there is so much violence on the screens. But it would not have been, if there was not a great demand for action-packed films and programs. Studies around the world have shown that the abuse of watching TV really increases the propensity for violence. The thing is that many of the pictures that we see on the screen look real. Many situations occur or can occur in real life. We understand that this is just an invention, but our body believes, we experience fear, anger, regret as if we ourselves are participating in a dangerous situation. Over the years, we get used to watching violence and being passive, and this negatively affects the psyche.

Excess weight.

Modern television is built in this way,To grab the attention of the eyes from the morning and do not let it go until late at night. And even at night there is always something to see. If you spend at the TV only 3 - 4 hours daily, extra pounds will inevitably accumulate. The habit of a sedentary lifestyle, given the time spent in the office, does not lead to harmony, and lack of sleep leads to the replacement of sleep with calories. Therefore, a picture is not unusual when someone constantly chews something when watching TV.

Sleep disturbances.

As already mentioned, to find an interesting transfer orA movie on TV can be at any time of day. Sometimes people sacrifice a dream in order to watch the next series of their favorite film. At the same time, the content of films influences sleep. Any things that cause strong emotions, do not contribute to rapid falling asleep and deep sleep. Many people who spend evenings at the TV screen complain of difficulty falling asleep, insomnia or nightmares. Sometimes these symptoms become chronic and require specialist intervention.

Change of consciousness.

It's no secret that television is not too concerned aboutSo that the audience develops intellectually or morally. This box seems to present us on a platter ready ideas, thoughts, images. Only these are not our thoughts or our feelings, they are artificially planted, we get used to thinking and feeling just like that, and not otherwise. In addition, television especially affects the emerging psyche of children. Infinite sitting at the screen can slow down the development of fantasy, creativity, raise the level of anxiety. In addition, children see not the best examples for imitation, stroking their favorite teleguer.

Protection measures.

First, do not turn on the TV just forBackground ". Secondly, carefully choose programs. If you do not want to see scenes of violence or worry because of some events, do not look at those films and programs that might disturb your peace. Third, control what your children are watching and how much time they spend in front of the TV. Up to a certain age, children are not able to properly interpret what is happening on the screen, they need your explanations. Therefore, do not take the TV as a free nanny and leave the children alone with a talking box.
Choose developmental and family programs forViewing, carefully choose movies. If a child watches TV for an hour or two a day, and each time reveals something new and useful, there will be no harm. If the TV becomes his only entertainment and best friend, you will soon notice the negative consequences from such pastime.
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