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Profession - housewife

What are housewives and how do they become?
The modern world is an innumerable numberOpportunities for each person. It is not easy to make a choice in favor of this or that way of life. To devote oneself to family and home, few come and the ways in which they go to this decision can be different.
1) Failures.
There is also such a category of women, no matter how regrettable. For various reasons, they did not get to get an education, make a career, find their vocation. They decide to deal only with the house and children, because they can not do anything else.
2) Convinced.
There are not a few such women who are convinced thatWork, career - this is a male world in which a woman has no place. They will gladly bring the house in order, will be engaged in the upbringing of children, will learn the skill of cooking, but they do not even dream of finding themselves in something else.
3) Random.
Sometimes circumstances develop in such a way thatA woman is left without work and without the opportunity to go to her. Most often, young children are hampered by their careers or difficulties in finding a job. Sometimes husbands are strongly against having a wife work. Such women may want to go to work any number of times, but for various reasons do not have this opportunity - permanently or temporarily.

Some of them are perfecting a new roleAnd enjoys life, and someone perceives their fate as hard labor. It depends on many reasons and everyone knows that housewives are different - both good and mediocre.
Despite the general opinion, modernHousewives can be different. It's not a fact that these are uneducated stupid women who can not do anything except wash the floor and cook dinner. Often such women pay much attention not only to the home and family, but also to their own development, appearance. They travel, learn a lot of new things, study, attend cultural and social events - it all depends on the thickness of the purse of the head of the family.

In this way of life you can find a lotAdvantages. Housewife does not need to be stressed daily, going to work, where intrigues, conflicts, problems happen. They do not have superiors, there is no one who can order how and what to do.
Housewives have enough time toSpend it with loved ones - they can see the first steps of their children and hear their first words, they can actively participate in their lives, create comfort for her husband. In addition, if you want, there will always be time for yourself. In order to go to the salon or the exhibition, you do not have to painfully time out - part of the day belongs only to them.
Housewives are more feminine. They do not need to acquire masculine qualities to stay in their place or get a new position. They do not need to compete with men.
In addition, housewives have the opportunity to get many new skills - learn a language, master a profession or a new kind of dance. If there is a desire to develop, you will not be bored.

Perhaps the most significant drawback is dependence. For years the woman has done everything to help her husband and children feel at home next to her, but no one can guarantee that the idyll will be forever. Often men leave the family, and the woman remains alone - without work experience, without means of subsistence. Therefore, being a housewife is not only a great responsibility, but also a great risk, especially if the relationships in the family are far from ideal.
Another drawback is that the work of the housewifeStill assess and evaluate more biased than the chief at work would do. Sometimes a layer of dust on the shelves and a burnt dinner become reasons for reproaches from the household.
In addition, many women relax,Stop moving forward. It takes quite a bit of them - order in the house, delicious food, children under supervision. A housewife rarely needs anything more. Often women become isolated in the family, cease to be interested in anything else, except cooking and cleaning and inevitably degrade. Plus - these eternal series on TV. Yes, and there is a great temptation to forget about the daily styling and manicure.
Plus, the society nowadays is rather scornful towards women who are engaged only in family. They are not protected, their rights are not so great.

To make a choice in favor of such a way of life is not so- it's just as it seems. Many decide that they lose much more, immuring themselves in four walls, and prefer to work, having married and having children. Which decision is right is up to you. It is important that you feel comfortable, coping with your responsibilities, not forgetting about development and preserving peace in the family. Then any of your employment will bring pleasure and gratitude of relatives will not keep you waiting.
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