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What is ekostil?


Eco-friendly furniture now enjoys greatDemand. And it is not surprising, because it not only looks good, but also is safe for health. Plastic, plastic and other artificial materials are easily deformed, can release hazardous substances when heated, can be toxic. Natural wood, straw, bamboo, stones, unlike them, do not violate the ecological balance in the house. In addition, the choice of products from natural materials is great - there are beds, sofas, cabinets, tables and chairs that are made without the use of chemistry. This is especially valuable if the house has children, since every parent wants his child to grow up in a healthy atmosphere.


The food we eat affects ourDevelopment and health, so the quality of food is given so much attention. Many grow vegetables, fruits and berries themselves in cottages, someone prefers to eat even meat and milk, which they receive from animals grown by their own hands. For most urban dwellers this is not possible, so those people who want to eat healthy food simply avoid eating with dyes, flavors, substitutes and flavor enhancers, with genetically modified ingredients. Now such products are sometimes more expensive, but it's hard not to agree with the fact that you can not save on health. Many people, not knowing what eco-style is, choose a healthy diet that fully complies with these principles.


What we eat is not less important than what we eatwe eat. Quality dishes do not affect the quality and taste of food in any way, while some products can spoil any dish with the smell and taste that is extracted when heated. Therefore now there is a great demand for utensils made of ekostyle - a rounded shape, often with an ethnic pattern, wooden or ceramic. Such dishes do not emit toxic substances and are safe for health. Here you can include utensils made of natural crystal or stone, but metal utensils are not considered safe, despite the fact that we have long been accustomed to it.


Egostyle assumes a preference for clothing fromNatural materials: linen, cotton, silk, wool, leather, fur. Even designers with a world-wide name are increasingly releasing collections of clothes, in which there is not a drop of synthetics, nylon and other artificial fabrics. As a rule, such clothes have a number of advantages. It, for example, well passes air and keeps heat, absorbs moisture, is pleasant to the body. But often it quickly collapses or requires special careful treatment.

Perhaps you should not deny yourself the achievementsCivilization, choosing to their detriment clothes without synthetics, but the predominance of natural materials will undoubtedly benefit. Since modern fashion does not deny the importance of environmentally friendly materials, it's not so difficult to look stylish - the choice of clothing and accessories from natural fabrics is not limited to anything other than your taste.

The ethocyle can be expressed in everything - in rejection ofUse products that harm nature, such as plastic bottles and dishes, in the use of predominantly natural materials for home, food and other areas of life. But the main idea of ​​this movement is to maintain comfort and health. It's no secret that it's easier to breathe in wooden walls than in concrete ones, that fresh air is better conditioned, that the apple from your garden is more delicious than the fruit from the store. Therefore, a reasonable approach to the choice of everything that surrounds you, sincere concern for yourself and your loved ones - this is eco-style, in which the choice of the best is laid.
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