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Arrangement of a children's room

The space of the children's room should be used optimally. Here you need to fit the necessary furniture, but at the same time leave enough space for games.
The room is better mentally divided into zones. In one of them the child will sleep, in the other, develop and learn, in the third play.
These zones should be clearly delineated, but whenThis is not to contrast with each other. Furniture for these purposes must be chosen very carefully. It should be solid, safe, compact. The modern market offers many ideas for the nursery. There are furniture that is transformed and can be used for different purposes. This is very convenient if the room is small or if several children live in it.
The main rule for the installation of furniture: The child must be able to use it himself. If you are installing a shelf, let the child easily reach it. If you bought a toy container, the kid should easily fold the toys without assistance.

Of course, it's not easy to choose furniture for a child -Children grow so fast, do not change the interior every 2 years. But you can find a way out of this situation, for example, to place toys and books on the lower shelves of the rack, to buy chairs with adjustable height.

Light in the nursery is a separate concern for parents. It should be installed very thoughtfully. First, there should be no dark corners in the room. Therefore, in addition to top lighting, lamps, floor lamps and sconces are needed.
This is also good because the brightness of such light is easy to adjust.
For example, when a child goes to bed, enoughThere will be a night lamp above the bed. When he plays, you need a top light and a light that illuminates the place for games. When a child is learning, his workplace should also be lighted up.
It is known that light has color. It is better if the lamps in the nursery are blue, green, yellow. The red color in the nursery is inappropriate, it will unnecessarily excite the child and distract him.
Children's lighting should not be bright,Intrusive. It is better to give up fluorescent light and one bright source. Let the light be scattered, coming from different angles, so the baby will feel better.
Remember that a dark room is oppressing a baby, and in a room that is too richly lit, it will quickly get tired.
Choose lamps based on safety, notOnly their aesthetic qualities. The plafonds should be strong, fastened secure. Do not install the lamps too low, but the switches must be accessible to the child so that he can adjust the lighting himself.


When choosing color solutions, it is important to remember thatIt is the color that will affect the mood of the child. For example, dark tones will suppress, as well as unnecessarily bright. Light tones visually expand the room. You can always make bright accents - pictures, posters, ornaments that fit well into the playing area. The space around the bed should be decorated in gentle calm tones, the place at the desk is in a strict style. But the place where the baby plays can be as bright and colorful as you like. Ask your child, maybe he will tell you ideas for decorating the room.

Arrangement of any premises is very troublesomeoccupation. A children's room is a place where every parent can embody his design ideas. Here, images that live in your imagination can come to life. Try to proceed from the interests of the child, and any permutations and changes will only be for the better.
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