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Autumn vacation

The destination is India. Goa.
If you dream of living on the ocean, swim in the warm waves, eat exotic fruits directly from the branch and forget about civilization, this is what you need.
Goa is good because every tourist has a choice,How to spend a holiday on this island. You can buy a tour and settle in the hotel, like all respectable Europeans. And you can go "savage" and plunge into the life of the natives.
Here you will be offered an indoor bungalow for severalTens of dollars a day, though, the amenities will be, as they say, in the yard. But you will have the opportunity to live right on the shore of the ocean to the envy of snobs from five-star hotels.
The food here is exceptionally natural and healthy: seafood, fish, freshly squeezed juices, fruits that are served in any cafe.
You will not have to miss, either. You can rent a boat and ride on uninhabited islands, you can take a tour of the jungle, and you can explore local attractions. In addition, Goa is famous for its parties that take place all year round.

The destination is Tanzania. Arusha.

Do you want to stroke a zebra, see a Masai tribe and wild savannah? Then you are right here.
Tanzania is famous for its national parks. Arusha is the most convenient place. After all, around there are as many as three parks. Here you will see Lake Manyara, where there are pink clouds and flamingos and many, many wild monkeys.
In Ngorongoro, you will meet with the Masai, whoLive in the crater of an extinct volcano, you will see lovers of drinking cow's blood and you will be able to observe other equally exotic customs. But they will feed here quite traditional food - fresh vegetables, fruits, banal beef meat.
Tanzania is also good because its visit does not require special vaccinations.

The destination is Peru. Puerto Maldonato.

If you love wildlife, would like to see the great Amazon, swim in the lakes and rivers, this trip will be to your liking.
You will be accommodated in a cozy house without amenities, andEvenings you will spend by the light of a kerosene lamp. But these inconveniences are compensated by the proximity of the virgin nature, amazing hanging paths, along which you will pass from one giant tree to another. You will see crocodiles at a safe distance, you can watch exotic animals and birds.
Such a holiday is suitable for fans of extreme sports and opponents of beach holidays. Here you do not want to lie under the sun, and the whole vacation will be a movement to the unconquered peaks.

The destination is Egypt. Aswan.

In Egypt there were almost every second person,Which you know. But not everyone has managed to see all the hidden corners of this country rich in surprises. Aswan is a commercial city, to which tourists rarely get accustomed to banal routes. Aswan is on the banks of the Nile and on the border with the Nuba desert. You can get there only one way - sailing from the legendary Luxor.
In carts with horses you can drive throughCity with a sightseeing tour, and then indulge in shopping from the heart. Here you will be offered tea from rose petals, exotic fruits, figurines, souvenirs, national clothes and sweets.
In addition to pleasant shopping, you are waiting for a sailing trip to the island of Elephantine, where huge boulders are like elephants on the island of Philae, where the temple of the goddess Isis stands.
Plunge into the atmosphere of this mysterious Egypt can be from this point in the country.

The world is great and autumn is not a reason for sadness. At any time of the year, we are waiting for the numerous beaches, mysterious corners, which are able to drive away any depression. Do not go the usual paths, because the new sensations are a guarantee of a good mood for the whole winter after a pleasant rest.
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