/ How to choose and decorate a Christmas tree?

How to choose and decorate the tree?

Alive or artificial?
A live tree brings with it not only the atmosphereHoliday, but also a unique coniferous aroma. At many since the childhood this holiday associates with a smell of needles. The natural spruce will remain beautiful for a few days, after which its needles will inevitably cover the whole space around it.
An artificial Christmas tree is bought once and for all. With the right treatment, it will last a long time, but will deprive you of the opportunity to feel the holiday in full - such a tree does not smell.
If you wanted to save and not spend moneyEvery year a new tree, which has to be thrown out, will hardly end the holiday - an artificial Christmas tree is the best option. If you first of all appreciate the sensations and attach great importance to emotions, then you need to keep up on the Christmas market to choose the most beautiful forest visitor.

When choosing a natural tree, it should beAttentive. If she was cut down long ago, she might not live to see the battle of the chimes. Touch the Christmas tree. Khvooinki should smell of resin and practically do not crumble when touched. Pay attention to the trunk of the tree and the cut. The thinner the trunk and the darker the cut, the higher the risk that this tree is not the first freshness or very fragile.

If you brought a Christmas tree home, do not immediatelyInstall it in the room. Best to leave on time on the balcony, and dress up on the day of the holiday. In order for the tree to stand as long as possible, lightly split the trunk of the tree below, put it in a bucket of water, where pre-dissolve a couple of aspirin tablets. Or just buy special fertilizers for coniferous trees. This will prolong the life of the tree and your holiday.
Install the Christmas tree away from heatingDevices, in the coolest part of the room. Strengthen its top with a rope or a line stretched on different sides of the trunk and attached to the walls, if the tree is too big, and you are afraid that it may fall.

Precautionary measures.

The fuel is flammable and easily flammable, this is necessaryremember. Resins and wood very easily light up. Therefore, do not light candles on it, check the wires of the garlands, do not bring near the Bengal lights and do not light the fireworks. During the fun, you may not notice that a small spark from the fire is engaged, and the holiday can easily end in a fire.
Make sure that children and pets do notPlayed with a tree. The tree can fall and injure, some danger is represented by the tree decorations - some can be traumatized, others can be electrocuted. There were cases when pets were suffocating, swallowing tinsel.

How to dress a Christmas tree?
The New Year attire is a matter of everyone's taste. There is no clear framework. Usually first, the largest toys are hung, and the small ones are the last. Do not seek to hang the whole tree, its natural beauty should also be visible. Too many toys will not make yol attractive. Choose the color scheme of jewelry to your taste. A combination of green and red is considered to be traditional. Decorations in white and beige tones, blue and silver, chocolate and cream are widespread. Too motley Christmas tree will look tasteless, but the laconic version of the decoration will not add to her liveliness.
The top of the tree is usually setStar. In the end, you can decorate the tree with "rain", tinsel, fluffy garlands. They should be combined in color with other ornaments and do not cover them. Remember the moderation by decorating the tree. After all, every toy adds weight to it, and under great weight it's hard to stay fresh and beautiful for a long time.

In fact, it does not matter what kind ofYour New Year's fir and how it will be decorated if it is made with love and in sincere feelings. The main thing is that they are close people, a good company that will gather at a festive table. In an atmosphere of love and fun, any spruce will become the center of attention and the symbol of the most important holiday of the year.
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