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First Aid Kit.
In the medicine cabinet it is better to put a shatterproof thermometer, plasters, bandage. Do not be superfluous will be antiseptics for the treatment of wounds, hydrogen peroxide, iodine or zellenko.
If you take your child for the first time, especially inA long journey, everything that can happen to you can not be predicted. So do not forget the remedy for a stomach upset, smektu, but-shpu. With acute pain, do not use painkillers, since the doctor must accurately determine the picture of the disease.
From the temperature will help aspirin, paracetamol. Do not be superfluous will be drugs for allergies, especially if the baby will try new food. In addition, do not forget the sun protection products and burn remedies.
If your kid suffers from any disease, take with him all the medications that you use at home. In a foreign country and even in a strange city it can be very difficult to buy what you need.
Do not forget diapers, cleansing wet wipes, insect bites, cotton buds, baby cream, powder - everything you need to care for the baby.
In long distant trips try not to takeLarge heavy objects like pots. Your first aid kit should include yourself with a minimal set of everything that can theoretically come in handy, and many great things can easily be replaced by light ones and more compact ones, or you can completely abandon them for a while.

In a hurry, you need to remember the necessaryDocuments. You will need a birth certificate of the child, an insurance policy, a certificate of illness, tickets. These documents should always be in your free access so that you do not have to search for them for a long time at the bottom of your suitcases.

Little children can not easily carry long-distanceTrips, it's even harder for them to get used to a new diet. So try not to forget the bottle, a bottle of water without gas, dry baby food, cookies, garbage bags.
If you are breastfeeding the baby, the journey will be easier, you just need to try to observe the habitual diet and not eat too specific foods.
If the child is already big, then before the trip, do not put it too tightly. Do not take perishable products, raw vegetables and fruits.
If you are going to an exotic country, whereThere are dishes that the child has never tasted before, you will have to look for European restaurants or prepare yourself, otherwise rest can end with an allergy or with a stomach disorder.

Clothes and toys.
It is equally important to consider all other needsChild. Take only those clothes that match the season. If you are going to a hot country or summer cottage, take more easy things that do not crumple and which are easy to wash. In this case, it is not bad to have 1 - 2 sets of warmer things in case of a cold snap.
Shoes should be such as to suit both the heat and rainy weather.
Do not put a lot of toys on the road, or placesFor your things will not remain. It is enough to take your child's favorite toy, with which, for example, he sleeps or often plays, a book he loves, a player with a favorite fairy tale. Consider that any trip involves additional spending, and back you will go with a lot more things.
It will not be bad if you take the kit easyChildren's dishes and kangaroos, if the child is small. Then you do not have to carry a large stroller or hold the baby in your arms. In addition, kangaroos can be worn in turn.

Look at the suitcases again, think notWhether you forgot some particularly important thing, did not take the superfluous. It's better if your bags are packed a few days before departure - then you will have time to think. Given all the interests of the child, you can ensure yourself a no less pleasant rest than was before your family was replenished.
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