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The big secret of one small apartment

Down with the trash.
It is known that the already small sizeOrdinary apartments are reduced in times, it is necessary to fill it with furniture, useful and useless things. Therefore, if you want to clear a little extra space for yourself, get rid of junk. Do not regret, throw away broken things or things that you have not used for a long time and are not going to. All these shelves, boxes, banquettes, old broken watches, tape recorders, mountains of clothes that are hopelessly outdated - they are the place outside your home.
The golden rule that must be adhered to: get rid of everything that has not been used for more than a year.

Change for the better.
Look at your cleaned apartment. What is wrong with it? Shadows in the corners, low ceilings, it seems nothing has changed. You will have to spend the energy and time for a small repair. First, change the wallpaper or the color of the paint on the walls. It must necessarily be light, only this way you can expand a small space, at least visually. At the same time it is worth thinking about practicality, which means that a whitewashed white color would not be good. Here the ceiling can be white, like freshly fallen snow - this will create the feeling that it is somewhat higher.

Light helps to make every home comfortable. Therefore, remove heavy porters from windows, give preference to light tulle.
Thus you will get bright rooms that seem much larger than those that were before, although the real dimensions of the apartment did not change.

But in many apartments the layout is so terrible andThe rooms are so small that no colors will help to make them bigger. In that case, large mirrors will come to your rescue. If you arrange them correctly, your rooms will literally grow.

Repair is a good reason to take a critical look at theThe furniture that you have. Is it too cumbersome for such a small space? Now the choice of functional, compact and beautiful furniture is quite wide. You can refuse a large bed in favor of a compact folding sofa, from numerous shelving and shelves - they will be replaced by a computer desk equipped with convenient shelves and drawers. A good solution will be built-in furniture, which takes up minimum space.
If there is no choice, it is better to make a bathroom unit - so you have a place for a washing machine.
Kitchen is a great place for every ownerSmall apartment. It seems that it was designed so that nothing could be accommodated. But even from this situation one can find a worthy way out. For example, move the refrigerator into the pantry, choose a kitchen set with spacious closets. Some prefer folding tables and chairs.

Doors in small apartments are better to install light. A good solution: large mirrors on the doors or sliding doors.

It is necessary to decorate an apartment moderately. Better one big picture than a dozen small ones. Better a few sconces in different places of the room than a bulky chandelier under the ceiling. Vases, napkins, figurines - all this should be left until you get a home, the size of which will allow you to highlight each trinket. The best decoration for you are live flowers in pots, with which you can build original screens that will help to delimit space even in the smallest room.

As you can see, ways to change your home toBetter, not too little. It's just a matter of showing a little imagination, not giving up before the difficulties and treating the changes with a smile, as it turns out that nothing is impossible.
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