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How to plan a kitchen space

It is only wise to plan kitchen space, equipment and furniture.

Italians offer to change the situation every 5-6 years, but not because of the quality of furniture, but in order to deal with stress and monotony.

Here we will try to tell you which layout is right for you and in what order everything should be located in the kitchen:

Island accommodation option
When one of the zones is taken to the center of the kitchen: A hob, a sink or just a dining table. This kitchen looks very impressive, and in life it is quite comfortable. The only requirement for the implementation of the island layout is a large area of ​​the premises.

When the kitchen has a part serving in the center,It is very convenient when combining the kitchen with the living room or dining room. Then due to this protrusion, which usually consists of a bar with chairs on the side of the living room and functional storage boxes on the other side. In this way, it is possible to optimally perform zoning of the combined space.

The most economical option from the point of view of the space occupied is furniture, built in line, it is ideal for small or elongated rooms.

L-shaped layout
It is also designed for small areas. At the same time in small kitchens, the basic principle is to maintain: the distance between the refrigerator, stove and sink should be minimal, of course, much easier, but still better when the kitchen is spacious enough.

U-shaped layout
When all the necessary pieces of furniture and household appliances are built around the perimeter of the three walls. It, perhaps, is the most harmonious and balanced.

The fridge (cupboard), the sink - the table - the stove - that's it in this order and everything should be located in the kitchen.

Such a sequence: Storage-cutting-cooking is called a working triangle. Depending on the size and shape of the kitchen, the dimensions of the triangle vary, but this layout should be kept in the design of any kitchen.

The ideal distance between the sides of the triangle is from 4 to 7 meters. A greater distance will result in useless tiring walking, less will create cramped space.

Good luck to you, ladies!

P.S In a burst of creative ideas, please do not forget about ventilation, electrical outlets, water supply and sewerage.


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