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Choosing bedroom furniture

Therefore, we do not consider unreal formsWe will. Although, if you get such a miracle of the world, you can sleep there and not be afraid of anything. If the bedroom is irregularly shaped and there are sharp corners in it - direct sources of the evil sha, they should be corrected by mirrors, plants or covered with a screen or curtains.

The bedroom should be as far away fromEntrance door. First, you will not be disturbed by extraneous sounds coming from the stairs, and secondly, so you will feel safe. It is desirable that the kitchen and toilet are located away from the bedroom - again, there is no need for us extra noise and extraneous smells. By the way, the smell of food (if you do not eat it at the moment, but constantly inhale food scents) is considered one of the most harmful in the world.

The bedroom should in no case bePass, in this case the energy can not properly circulate. It follows that there must be only one door in the bedroom. The door should not be opposite to the other door, otherwise your family understanding would mourn - you will quarrel and scandal over and without reason. If you can not change the layout, then hang on the door a wooden curtain of beads. The door should not be pointed at the sharp corner of the wall. Correct this defect will help the plant with rounded leaves, hanging on an acute angle.

The ceiling must be level, without beams and slopes. If the ceiling is inclined, then draw from the bottom corner (parallel to the floor) a red ribbon - it will symbolically make the ceiling even. Ceiling beams have a very negative effect on health, especially if you are sleeping under them. The one who sleeps under the beam will have problems in those parts of the body that "cross" the beams. Beams can be adjusted with the help of bamboo flutes, bells, crystals and other means of feng shui.

The source of sha can be incorrectMatched and arranged furniture. The main rule here is that the furniture in the bedroom should be positioned so that its sharp corners are not pointed at the bed. Therefore, bedside tables that are as close as possible to the bed should be rounded or draped with a dense fabric.

No less important is the bed itself. It should be strong, comfortable and beautiful. The decisive "no" - to loose metal beds with a flexible grid. The bed should be on the legs, so that energy can circulate underneath it. For the same purpose, do not put anything under the bed, especially cumbersome things, like suitcases or cardboard boxes with unnecessary things.

The bed should be positioned so that, lying downOn it, you saw the door and entered it, but not your feet to the door - this is the posture of the deceased, "the state of death." The most favorable arrangement of the bed is diagonally from the door, so that the headboard touches the wall.

The bed should not be placed close to the window, exposingItself to the influence of drafts and direct sunlight. If this neighborhood does not frighten you, then it is desirable to place the bed so that it touches any side of the other wall (without a window). A bed in the middle of the room creates a feeling of anxiety and insecurity.

It's bad if the bed is near a wall adjacent to the toilet. In any case, if you do not sleep well or rest, even after a long sleep, move the bed - the condition will improve immediately.

If the sharp corners of neighboring buildings, branches of trees, advertising or road signs look directly at the bedroom window, it is better to cover the windows with thick curtains or blinds.

Mirrors in the bedroom are not the best decoration. They are allowed in small quantities and so that when you wake up and open your eyes, you do not see yourself in the mirror. This can bring you trouble in dealing with loved ones.
What you see right away, as soon as you wake up -very important. It should be something nice. It can be a beautiful picture or an object that is dear to your heart. A window with a nice view (and not an unfinished house and cranes) is good if the sun does not fall on the bed.

Bedroom for adults Must be finished in calm, pastel colors. A children bedroom - on the contrary, in bright, because the children for growth and activity require constant replenishment of the Yang energy.

If you are still alone in your bedroom and want toChange this situation, then remove from the bedroom everything that reminds you of the past of a close person and about work. The bed should stand so that it can be approached from two sides.

If you already have a loved one, then forStrengthening relationships and avoiding taints, it is necessary that the mattress be one. Separate mattresses symbolically separate people sleeping together. In this case, it is better to sleep in different rooms than next, but on separate mattresses.

If the bedroom is a part-time office, or carries some other additional function, it is desirable that the sleeping area and work area are separated.

Lighting should be pleasant and not bright. Chandeliers are better to replace the wall lamp and floor lamps with dim lights.

Plants pleasant to the eye and useful in othersRooms, in the bedroom will be inappropriate, because they emit the energy of the Yang in large numbers, and this can negatively affect your sleep. If you can not live without flowers at all, then they should be small.

And if you expect the emergence of a new member of the family,Then during pregnancy, you can not move the bed and wash the floor under it. According to the ancient Chinese belief, under the bed of a pregnant woman there are spirits that give the newborn energy of life, and they should not be frightened.

Bedroom furniture can be:

From solid wood;

Covered with veneer, i.e. A thin layer of wood, usually a more valuable breed than the base of furniture;

Forged with decorative elements of wood, glass, decorative plastic, fabric;

Wicker - from the vine or rattan.

Depending on the style of furniture, can be appliedVarious methods of working with the material: wood (including veneers) can be artificially aged, covered with special decorative compounds, look polished, gilded, glossy, "freshly milled", mimic the surface of marble, stone, be any texture.

The price of the products depends on the following factors:

From the manufacturer (imported furniture is more expensive than the domestic one);

from the material (furniture from natural wood of various species is the most expensive);

from design developments (standard furniture is cheaper than made to order, especially developed with the involvement of famous designers);

From the manufacturing method (furniture made to order or partially hand-made is more expensive than "factory" furniture).

Do not skimp on a good bed. The bed is a piece of furniture, which must be chosen, based, first of all, on its quality. "Wrong" bed can lead to serious diseases, including diseases of the spine.

When choosing a seller, be sure of the quality of furniture, fast and high-quality delivery and assembly of furniture. The warranty for furniture should be given by the manufacturer, and on the assembly - by the seller.

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