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What to see?

Of course, besides kangaroos and Opera House in AustraliaSet of sights. But this country is so remote from us that few people dare to explore its charms. The most famous city in Australia Sydney is a classic metropolis with all the usual attributes: skyscrapers, smog, traffic jams, a chic suburb. The sophisticated traveler is not satisfied with this route. Therefore, tours to Australia are not limited to examining the latest achievements of civilization. You will be able to visit the Great Barrier Reef on a boat with a transparent bottom, to appreciate the diversity of marine life and fauna, scuba diving in the azure sea. You can see the real penguins and koalas in the natural habitat on the island of Philip. Many tours to Australia allow you to see with your own eyes the settlement of these aborigines, take part in ancient rites and buy souvenirs for memory. In addition, at your service jeep safari through the rainforests, past waterfalls and virgin nature, as well as cruises on rivers with the purest water.
How to stay?
Australia is a multinational country, despiteThat the general population speaks only English. Many seek here for the sake of clean air, endless beaches, unique nature, but not all are open to access to this state. Staying in Australia can be, but only if you get a working visa for 4 years and will prove yourself during the time of work with the best side. Can get work in Australia engineers, highly qualified doctors, specialists in the mining industry. You will be able to transport your family with you, but you must perfectly know English, have a decent education and solid work experience.

Nevertheless, whatever goals you pursue,Wishing to visit Australia, you can be sure that this country will not leave anyone indifferent, and its hospitable beaches are always ready to welcome tourists from different parts of the world.
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