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Accommodation of household appliances

How to disguise If you arrange your workspace in the kitchenAs a traditional buffet, then the cooker and hood will become the logical center of this design. In the deep cupboards in the upper part small equipment will fit, and behind the false doors at the bottom there will be hidden the oven and washing machine. Kitchen cabinets will be placed in drawers.

How to hide For small equipment is best suitedCabinet-column in the general style of the interior. Here you can store devices that you do not use every day, but still keep in the kitchen. If from the stove in the kitchen we still can not get rid of, then small devices can be hidden behind the false panel, which is arranged in the form of horizontal blinds. Rising, it opens access to a spacious functional repository.


How to emphasize Place on the background of a bright wall or among shelves withBooks - simple and elegant. Make a bright mosaic panel with an internal illumination in front of the TV of the same size. And do not forget about the rules of fire safety: the sockets should be easily accessible.

How to disguise A large, flat screen can be curtained with a cloth,Suitable for your curtains. Also, the screen can be hidden behind a panel or picture on the bracket, which simply slide to the side, opening the screen. Or arrange a large niche in the room with blinds hiding its contents. The screen in this frame will look original.

How to hide A large, non-flat screen TV can bePut on a special shelf in the closet. Behind the panel door, you can install all the equipment, shelves for cassettes and disks, and when you do not need it all, the technique will be closed. The TV perfectly fits in a niche with a bar door or in a similar locker bar.


How to emphasize Select one wall for creating artificialNiches of different sizes and configurations. When installing, determine where and what exactly will stand to correctly place the sockets, leave the outputs for the cords. Then arrange the niches for the details of the music system and other household items.

How to disguise On a shelf with a large number of books, you can not immediately look at the speakers and the music center, but you'll put the center where you prefer, and rearrange it at your discretion.

How to hide Columns you can not hide - the sound should notTo meet obstacles in its path. Because choose those that look good in your interior. But the system itself can be hidden anywhere. The main thing is not to close access to the administration.

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