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When the autumn holidays in 2015: what and how to take the child on vacation

When Fall Vacation 2015

The question of when the autumn holidays will begin2015, is interested not only the students themselves, but more of their parents, because it is mothers and dads who will have to organize leisure for their children. As a rule, the autumn holidays last from 7 to 10 days and by the time this is the end of October - the beginning of October.

In 2015, vacations fall for the period from 31October to November 8, that is, the children will have exactly 9 days of rest. The duration and the dates of the holidays can only be changed by the management of a particular institution, but for this reason, it must have reasonably good reasons, such as an epidemic of a transmitted disease.

As a rule, during the fall school holidaysContinue to function, but they work in a free schedule. Basically, these are special interest groups in which various cognitive activities take place. This can be a theater studio, and a circle for drawing, knitting, beading, dancing and so on. To record a child in a certain group, it is better for parents to know in advance about the school's schedule and plans for the holidays. Sometimes due to the mass employment of parents (autumn is a working season when the holiday season is already far behind), such groups are overcrowded, because mothers and fathers have no one to leave their children with at home.

If there are no more places, and wishing to visit childrenClasses on vacation are enough, it is possible on behalf of parents to write an application addressed to the head of the school with the request to create another section on the hobby that interests you. In fact, many children like to spend holidays at school - for them this is a special event, when you do not hear the call to the lesson, and you go only to the class where you really enjoy spending time with an interesting hobby.

How to spend a useful autumn 2015 vacation?

Teachers give parents a few tips on how,How to organize a school autumn vacation in 2015. These are good suggestions for both primary school students and children of middle and senior middle age.

First, children who have problems with thoseOr other educational subjects, you can catch up on knowledge with the help of tutoring. Secondly, you can spend more time in the open air for an interesting or active occupation, for example, to engage in bicycle riding or horse riding in the park, draw beautiful landscapes near the river bank and so on. Thirdly, the child will happily attend fascinating master classes in children's creativity. It can be drawing, modeling of clay, felting of toys, lessons of decoupage or scrapbooking.

As you can see, in the period when the school holidays fall, you can interesting and informative spend your free time with the child.

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