/ / Crafts for March 8 in the kindergarten: for mom and grandmother. Master-class with step-by-step photos: light crafts

Crafts for March 8 in the kindergarten: for mom and grandmother. Master-class with step-by-step photos: light crafts

Think what to do with the kids in the classroomWork for the International Women's Day? Take advantage of our master classes with photos. We made such crafts on March 8 in kindergarten last year. Mastering them is not difficult, the kids do well and get a lot of fun.

Simple hand-crafted for March 8 in the kindergarten for the mother: Postcard from colored paper

In the first master class, we with the kids from the kindergarten made their own handiwork for the most beloved and precious person on earth - my mother. This is a postcard with three-dimensional roses in a beautiful vase.

Necessary materials

  • Colored paper (blue, green, yellow, red);
  • Brown semi-cardboard;
  • Ruler;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • Marker / marker;
  • glue.

Stages of manufacturing crafts for moms on March 8

  1. We make a basis for a postcard. Take a brown half-board for this.

  2. Horizontal bend in half.

  3. Now, on a blue paper, draw a vase for future colors. It can be both broad and narrow. Also, it can have any shape and length of the leg. Cut out.

  4. Gently glue the vase on the bottom of the postcard.

  5. Let's start creating roses. For this we need sheets of paper of red and yellow color. Cut out a lot of circles.

  6. On each circle draw a simple pencil spiral.

  7. Cut out the line.

  8. So do with each circle.

  9. We fold the spiral, not forgetting to apply droplets of office glue.

  10. Rosettes are ready, let's start making leaves. They are done simply: draw two pencils on green paper, cut out and bend in half.

  11. Now glue our green leaves in different places on the entire face of the postcard.

  12. Then we paste the flowers.

  13. Of red paper, cut a small strip.

  14. Fold the edges of the strip on both sides. Marker or felt-tip pen we will write a congratulatory phrase.

  15. We paste the strip with the phrase. That's the card for Mom ready for March 8th.

Crafts in kindergarten by March 8 for grandmothers: Tulip in origami technique

In addition to the mother, it is also necessary to congratulate the International Women's Day and beloved grandmothers. For them, we with the kids will do with their own hands an unusual tulip of colored paper.

Necessary materials

  • Colored paper;
  • pencil;
  • Ruler;
  • A felt-tip pen;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Stages of making tulips for March 8:

  1. We make the head of the flower. To make it, we select the paper. It can be a red, yellow, pink or purple leaf. Next, cut a small rectangle out of it.

  2. Bend the bottom corner to the upper horizontal line.

  3. We remove the unnecessary part with scissors.

  4. Put the triangle to us with the longest side and mark the middle with the pencil. Now bend the right corner.

  5. Then left. It should be fixed with glue so that the bud does not open. The tulip is ready!

  6. Let's start creating a leaflet. To do this, you need a small rectangle of green color.

  7. The upper left corner is bent to the bottom line.

  8. Scissors cut out all that is superfluous. We leave only the folded triangle.

  9. Open the triangle.

  10. The sides are bent to the central fold.

  11. Close the workpiece.

  12. Lower part is bent upwards. So we got a leaf and a stalk in the origami technique.

  13. Now that we have both parts of the tulip, they can be combined. The basis for our flower is a postcard in the form of a figure-eight.

  14. We take color half-board. Cut out a small part of it from the whole sheet.

  15. We fold in half.

  16. Closer to the fold, draw two circles of different sizes.

  17. Carefully cut out the contours.

  18. We glue the flower parts.

  19. With a marker or a felt-tip pen, we will draw our eight, and also write congratulatory words for the grandmother. She will be pleased to read them!

  20. On the spread of the postcard, you can also draw something or write something.

  21. Tulip and a card for March 8 for grandmothers are ready!

Crafts in kindergarten by March 8: a bouquet of flowers from plasticine, a master class on video

This master class was found on the Internet. He liked his ease and amusement. Therefore, we also include it in our article.

Crafting crafts on March 8 in kindergarten - a pleasure! Make them with the children more, so that they will give them to the feast not only to mom and grandmothers, but also to sisters and girlfriends.

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