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Countries on the zodiac signs: which country suits me. Cities by the zodiac signs

Arrange yourself an unforgettable vacation - the task is not fromSimple. It is necessary not only to choose a city and a hotel, to plan the budget, but also to be sure that this is the place where you will certainly like it. Help in this our horoscope for travelers! Astrologers believe that for every sign of the zodiac there is a list of countries in which you can and can not rest. Be sure to use the advice of the stars and arrange a dream vacation!

Aries (21.03-19.04)

Active and energetic representatives of this signVery fond of everything new and unknown. And if the passion of Aries - travel, then he must certainly visit the most mysterious and remote corners of our planet. And, as the most outstanding representative of the fire element, Aries simply adores countries with a hot climate, where you can experience your endurance and courage. Ideal options for this sign are: UAE, Brazil, Morocco, Mexico, Cuba, Syria, Spain, Turkey and the countries of Africa. Like Aries and little-known places where untouched nature has been preserved and where tourists hardly go.

Taurus (20.04-20.05)

An inescapable esthete of Taurus is unlikely to interestA three-week tour of the Amazon, or a many-day climb to the top of the Andes. When planning your vacation, he is guided by a simple rule - comfort above all else. Otherwise, this is not a holiday! In addition, it is important for Taurus to receive aesthetic pleasure during the holidays. Museums, architecture, fine cuisine and a fashionable hotel are ideal. Representatives of this sign are sure to visit: Switzerland, Czech Republic, USA, Japan, Great Britain, France.

Gemini (21.05-20.06)

If anyone does not take energy andEnthusiasm, then - this is the Twins. They adore the rhythm of the modern city and even during holidays prefer mega-cities. Gemini is very important to "join" in the local environment, so they learn in advance guidebooks and tourist forums. An ideal place for Gemini's vacation will be America, a huge territory and a developed infrastructure which will lead him to indescribable delight. He will also be interested in England, Canada, Australia, countries of South-East Asia.

Cancers (June 21-22, 2007)

Domodedines and avid skeptics Rakov difficultSpodvigut on an adventurous journey. But they certainly will not give up comfortable rest in an interesting country for them. Preference should be given to marine countries with a high standard of living. For example, Holland, Denmark, Great Britain, Finland. Here, Cancers can enjoy not only beautiful architectural monuments, but also amazing cuisine with your favorite seafood.

Lions (23.07-22.08)

On others to see and show themselves - that's the sloganLviv on vacation. Of course, you can persuade Leo to stay in the countryside, but it is unlikely that he will appreciate the charm of rural romance. Another thing is the noisy beaches of Ibiza, the colorful carnivals of Rio de Janeiro and the colorful public of Havana! Fun, bright festivities and crowds of tourists - that's what the Lions call perfect vacation!

The Virgin (23.08-22.09)

Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, even duringHolidays tend to learn something new and interesting. Therefore, they are pleased to learn the culture and way of life of the local population, relish the traditional cuisine. Devas will like everything where you can touch history. And whether it is a hot country in Latin America or a medieval castle somewhere in Europe is not so important!

Libra (23.09-22.10)

Scales are famous for their irresistible craving forThey are ready to sacrifice the fine, but even aesthetic side of the trip for the sake of unforgettable impressions. Scales can travel around the world in search of unique sensations from the distinct culture of the local population. However, in very hot countries with high humidity, Libra will not be very comfortable. Ideal - Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and America.

Scorpio (23.10-21.11.11)

Native travelers Scorpions alwaysLooking for new sensations. They are not afraid of difficulties and dangers along the way. On the contrary, such a challenge to oneself brings them great pleasure. Scorpions boring and uninteresting pop routes, such as the Czech Republic and Germany. Give them exotic things and more: Cambodia, Nepal, Tibet, Syria, Morocco, Afghanistan, Peru.

Sagittarius (22.11-21.12.12)

Representatives of this sign are strangers to strict plans andBoring excursions. They prefer to choose their own route for their vacation, guided solely by the call of the heart. As a rule, these are unforgettable adventures that give Sagittarius a huge charge of energy. Therefore, for them the complex high-mountain routes of South America, the unknown depths of the Indian Ocean, the lost cities of East Asia are ideal.

Capricorn (22.12-19.01)

But the Capricorn, on the contrary, tend to a fullRelaxation and comfort. It is important for them to feel complete pacification and experience the joy of easy socializing. Therefore, Capricorns like thoughtful excursions and popular tours. For example, a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea.

Aquarius (20.01-18.02)

But the Aquarius unpretentious and love to rest in fullUnderstanding of this word. They are also organic with friends at the dacha, as well as on a trip to the Schengen countries. Aquarians love nature, so they are looking for picturesque routes. They will enjoy the same in Europe, Asia and Africa. The main thing that rest was sincere!

Pisces (19.02-20.03)

If you believe the stars, then Pisces - the biggestHermits among travelers. Their paradise is a desert island from Bounty advertising, where you can forget about problems and enjoy peace and quiet. Like Pisces and mysterious, sacred places: Tibet, Nepal, Peru, Sri Lanka. It is here that they learn themselves and gain new strength!

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