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Jam from gooseberry, recipes with photo step by step -How to make homemade jam from ripe gooseberries with oranges and lemon, royally, a simple recipe for a five-minute meal through a meat grinder, royal, without cooking

For a long time this berry did not use a specialdemand in Russia. Her unsightly appearance and taste with sourness did not cause the owners to desire culinary experiments until the 18th century. However, since that time a lot of modern cooks gooseberries have passed, and it is about him that is being talked about, loved and respected. Especially popular is homemade jam from gooseberry, recipes with photos for the winter of which amaze with its variety. Among the most famous variants is the gooseberry jam with oranges, lemons, currants. Also with its unique taste are such recipes, as emerald jam with gooseberry, royal, royal. The recipes of jam from gooseberry without cooking are also well-deservedly popular, for the preparation of which a meat grinder is used. Such a raw delicacy in addition to delicious taste is also good because it retains a lot of vitamins and utensils. About how to step-by-step prepare a simple and delicious gooseberries jam, including the royal recipe, at home and will be discussed in today's article.

Classic jam from gooseberries for the winter - a recipe with a photo step by step

At first glance, a classic jam ofgooseberry for the winter, a recipe with a photo step by step further, no one is surprised. But in fact, it is such simple recipes that turn out to be the most unique in practice: delicious, fast and, as they say, proven. Therefore, if you do not know which jam of gooseberry jam to choose for the winter, prepare this classic version and be 100% sure of its taste and benefits.

Essential Ingredients for Classic Gooseberry Jam for Winter

  • ripe gooseberry berries - 1 kg
  • sugar - 1 kg
  • lemon juice -0, 5 tsp.
  • Water 300 ml

Step-by-step instruction for the classic jam recipe with gooseberry for winter

  1. As in any other recipe for jam, start with the preparation of the main ingredient. In our case, there is not much preparatory work: we sort out the berries, mine and cut the tails with scissors.

  2. Fall asleep, prepared in this way, gooseberryhalf a sugar and leave for 2-3 hours. Gooseberries reluctantly let the juice, so before you put the berries with sugar on the stove, be sure to add clean water.

  3. On medium fire we bring the mass to boil, cook for 5-7 minutes and remove the foam. We remove the plate and leave it overnight or at least 8-10 hours at room temperature. Photo 6
  4. In the morning add the remaining sugar and againsend the pan to the stove. Stirring, wait until the jam boils the second time and add lemon juice, remove the foam with a spoon. Boil for a total of 10 minutes and turn off.

  5. It remains to pack ready gooseberriesjam on glass containers. Jars must be sterilized, as well as covers. After tightening the workpieces tightly, they should be turned upside down and wrapped in a warm towel until completely cooled.

How to make jam from gooseberries with oranges in the home

Oranges, as well as any other citrus,can be called one of the most successful additional ingredients that you can use to make jam from gooseberry at home. They perfectly set off the taste of berries of gooseberries, make the consistency more tender and give a stunning flavor to this delicious treat. Read more on how to make jam from gooseberries and oranges at home further.

Necessary ingredients to make jam from gooseberries and oranges at home

  • gooseberry - 1, 5 kg
  • oranges (large) -3 pcs.
  • granulated sugar -1, 5 kg

Step-by-step instruction on how to make jam with gooseberry and orange in the home

  1. Gooseberries and oranges are carefully washed. At the berries we cut off the tails, and the citrus fruits are peeled.
  2. Now we turn to the most laborious process -cleansing berries of gooseberry from the bones. To do this, cut each berry in half (it is better to take a large variety of gooseberry) and remove the stone with a knife. Oranges are also cut into slices and remove the bones.
  3. We use a submersible blender to grind it firstgooseberries, and then oranges in separate containers. We combine the two ingredients together and again grind them so we can achieve maximum uniformity.
  4. The resulting mass is covered with sugar and left for several hours. Stir occasionally in 25-30 minutes, so that the sugar dissolves more quickly.
  5. We put the mass on the fire and bring it to a boil. Formed chiffchaff shoot with a spoon. We stir and continue to cook for 15 minutes on a small fire - the jam should thicken and become darker.
  6. Ready-made gooseberry delicacy with oranges is poured over clean and invariably sterile jars, cork.

Homemade jam from gooseberry in a royal way, step by step recipe

It is generally accepted that the fashion for homemade jam fromgooseberries, which later even began to be called tsarist or royal, was introduced by the Empress Catherine the Great. It was with her light hand that the homemade jam from gooseberry (according to the step-by-step recipe onwards) began to serve all the aristocratic houses of Russia with pleasure. A special piquancy to this recipe is given by the fact that jam is prepared from immature (green) berries. Because of the beautiful color and unusual taste, such a gooseberry jam in the people is still called emerald.

Necessary ingredients for homemade jam from gooseberry royal style

  • gooseberries - 0.5 kg
  • sugar - 0,5 kg
  • water 250 ml.
  • cherry leaves - 10 pcs.

Step-by-step instruction for the recipe of homemade jam with gooseberry tsar

  1. The berries in this jam recipe should be whole,so after the gooseberries are washed and the tails are cut off, each thing needs to be gently pricked with a toothpick. This method will save berries from a burst.
  2. Cherry leaves are carefully and put on the bottom of a small saucepan. Top with water and bring to a boil. Cook the leaves of cherries for 15-20 minutes, after which the broth is drained.
  3. In a warm broth, add half of the sugar and send it back to the stove. Cook the sugar syrup on medium heat until the sugar is completely dissolved, and the syrup does not thicken.
  4. Ready syrup pour the gooseberries and leave for 6-8 hours for infusion. It is most convenient to do this in the evening, so that next morning you can move on to the next stage.
  5. In the morning we again merge the syrup from the berries, add the remaining sugar and put it on the fire. When the syrup boils, and the sugar completely dissolves, remove and again fill the berries for 6 hours.
  6. After this time, we put the saucepan withgooseberry on a small fire. Carefully, so as not to damage the integrity of the berries, bring the mixture to a boil, remove the foam. Cook until the berries become transparent.
  7. Finished royal jam from gooseberries very carefully poured on sterile glass jars and covered with the same sterile lids. You do not need to turn the workpiece upside down.

Royal jam from berries of gooseberries and red currants, recipes for winter

Jam from berries of gooseberries and red currants onwinter can be deservedly called royal only for its taste. And if you add to the great taste qualities and the huge benefits that lurk in the bowels of the jar with this delicacy, it is exactly worthy of the royal table. On how to prepare a royal jam from berries of gooseberries and red currants in the recipe for the winter below.

Necessary ingredients for royal jam from gooseberries and red currants for the winter

  • gooseberries (slightly immature) - 0, 5 kg
  • red currant - 0, 5 kg
  • granulated sugar - 1, 2 kg
  • Water 250 ml

Step-by-step instruction for the recipe of jam from berries of gooseberry and currant for the winter

  1. Preparing berries for further thermalprocessing. To do this, carefully washed separately currants and gooseberries under running water. We remove the stems with the scissors, we throw out the spoiled specimens.
  2. Put the berries in a pot with a thick bottom and add water. We put on the stove and stirring so that the berries burst in the process of cooking, bring to a boil.
  3. After the first bubbles appear on the surface, add half of the sugar and continue to cook, but on a small fire.
  4. Again, bring the mixture to a boil, remove the foam andpour the remaining sugar. Stirring constantly, continue to cook over low heat. Sugar should dissolve completely, and the berry mass change color and thicken.
  5. Check the jam on the preparedness with a cold plate, on which you need to drop a little bit of berry mass. If the cooled drop keeps the shape well and does not spread, then the jam can be removed from the plate.
  6. We pour out the ready delicacy, worthy of kings, on sterile jars and tighten the lids.

Delicious jam from gooseberry with orange and lemon, step by step recipe for winter

The following recipe for a very tasty jam fromgooseberries with orange and lemon for the winter will require patience and time from the landlady. But all the energy expended for its preparation is compensated with enthusiastic compliments from those who are lucky enough to eat this yummy. On how to cook a delicious jam from gooseberry with the addition of oranges and lemons and will be discussed in the next recipe for the winter.

Necessary ingredients for a tasty jam from gooseberry with orange and lemon for the winter

  • gooseberries - 1 kg
  • sugar -1 kg
  • large orange -1-2 pcs.
  • lemon -2 pcs.
  • water - 1/2 cup

Step-by-step instruction for the recipe of jam with gooseberry, oranges, lemons for winter

  1. Gooseberries need to be washed and cleaned. Scissors cut off dry inflorescences and tails of each berry.
  2. Pour the berries into a deep saucepan and add sugar and water. Put on fire and bring to a boil over medium heat.
  3. Pure lemons and oranges with the skin should be cut into small cubes, removing all the bones.
  4. When the jam starts boiling for the first time, you need to remove the foam and add citrus. Then reduce the heat to a minimum and continue cooking for about an hour. Be sure to remove the foam.
  5. After the jam from the plate remove and leave for 5-8 hours at room temperature. When the mixture is completely cooled with a submerged blender, ground to a uniform state.
  6. Put the berry mixture on the stove again and bring to a boil. Cook, stirring for another hour. Check for availability with the cold-plate test described in the previous recipe.
  7. Ready-made gooseberry jam with oranges and lemon pour on sterile jars and close the lids. Flip until completely cooled, store in a cool place.

Quick jam-five-minute walk of gooseberry through a meat grinder, step-by-step recipe

For those who do not like to stand idle for daysboiling jam, our next recipe for a quick jam-five-minute out of gooseberry through a meat grinder. To prepare this gooseberry delicacy you need only an hour with all the preparatory stages. At about the same speed, a quick jam-five-minute-out of gooseberry through a meat grinder, a step-by-step recipe below, disappears after tea.

Necessary ingredients for quick jam-five-minute jam from gooseberry through a meat grinder

  • gooseberries (ripe) - 1 kg
  • sugar - 1, 2 kg

Step-by-step instruction for a quick recipe of jam-five-minute with gooseberry through a meat grinder for the winter

  1. Let's start with the standard procedure for preparing berries. We go through all the gooseberries, remove the bad berries and cut off the dry tails. Rinse well under running water.
  2. We take an ordinary meat grinder and in small portions we pass through it gooseberry.
  3. To the resulting gooseberry mass, add sugar and mix well. Leave about 3-4 hours for the berries to let more juice, and the sugar completely melted.
  4. After the specified time, we put the pan with berry-sugar mashed potatoes on medium fire. Bring the mixture to a boil, remove the foam and cook for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Hot jam is poured into cans, preliminarilywashed with soda and sterilized for a couple. We plug the lids and send them to cool under a warm blanket. Then you must definitely move the cooled jars with a treat in the refrigerator or cellar.

Raw jam with gooseberries and orange without cooking, a simple recipe step by step

The main advantage of the so-called rawjam from gooseberry and orange - a simple cooking process without cooking. Rubbing berries with sugar is used to make many types of jam. But thanks to the fact that raw jam with gooseberries and orange without cooking is prepared not just with the addition of citrus, but also with zedra, the benefit of such a delicacy increases several times. Read more about how to make raw gooseberry-orange jam.

Necessary ingredients for raw jam with gooseberry and orange without cooking

  • gooseberries - 1 kg
  • oranges - 2-3 pcs.
  • sugar - 1, 3 kg

Step-by-step instruction for a simple recipe of raw jam from gooseberry and orange without cooking

  1. We start cooking with the washing of the ingredients. Then gooseberries are sorted, we cut off the tails. Oranges cut into quarters and remove the bones.
  2. The next step is to use bothsubmerged blender, and an old kind meat grinder. In the latter case, you have to skip the ingredients twice, so that the mass is more shallow and uniform. We first cut the gooseberry, and then the oranges together with the zest.
  3. In a deep container, mix berries and citrus fruits and, if necessary, grind them again with a blender.
  4. Add sugar and mix well until it dissolves completely.
  5. Banks mine with soda and sterilized in an oven or steam. We spread berry-citrus mass in a container.
  6. Top with a few spoons of sugar and tamped it slightly to make a sugar plug. We close it with plastic covers and store it in the refrigerator.

Delicious jam-a five-minute walk of gooseberry for winter - a simple recipe with video

Often, to make a delicious jam fromGooseberries, whose recipes are surprising in variety, do not need much time. For example, a delicious jam-five-minute from gooseberry for the winter from a simple recipe with the video below is prepared literally in half an hour. If you want to diversify its taste, you can use additional ingredients: currants, oranges, lemons. Of course, this delicious homemade jam-five-minute-out of gooseberries can not be compared with an emerald dainty for the winter in a royal way or royal gooseberry jam. But it is prepared almost as simply and quickly as raw jam from gooseberry through a meat grinder.
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