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Zucchini in batter battered with photo step by step - in a frying pan and in an oven with garlic, vegetarian. How to make a delicious sauce for zucchini

They say that all genius is simple. Quite often this postulate works with respect to recipes in which a set of simple ingredients in skillful hands turns into a culinary masterpiece. For example, zucchini in batter, recipes with photos of which you will find in our today's article, can be called a simple and at the same time an interesting dish. Depending on the composition of the batter (on beer, eggs, etc.), the way of preparation (in a pan or in the oven), the courgettes are completely different in taste. And if you add garlic, cheese, meat to it, this simple dish at first glance turns into an exquisite snack, which is not shameful to treat expensive guests at the festive table. Do not forget about the sauces based on mayonnaise or sour cream, perfectly emphasizing the taste of any zucchini in batter. About how to make delicious zucchini, including vegetarian, in batter, learn from step-by-step recipes with photos and videos on.

Courgettes in battered beers on a frying pan - a simple recipe with a photo step by step

To say that a recipe for beer-based batter for beerFrying zucchini (and not only) in a frying pan is popular, nothing to say. This is one of the simplest, fastest and really successful recipes. The popularity of zucchini in battered beers in a frying pan on a simple recipe with the photo below can be explained by the fact that they always turn out to be gentle inside and crispy from the outside.

Essential ingredients for zucchini in battered beers in a frying pan on a simple recipe

  • Average zucchini - 6-8 pcs.
  • Good dark beer - 0,5 l
  • Bread crumbs - 150 gr. For batter and 150 gr. For breading
  • Mixture for baking pancakes -200 gr.
  • Coarse sea salt

Step-by-step instruction to the recipe zucchini in batter with beer in a frying pan

  1. Preparing vegetables: My zucchini and cut "ass", cut in half, and then on thin plates. Ideally, the thickness of one slice should be approximately 3-4 cm, and the length of 10-15 cm. Then the squash will have time to be well fried, and the fryer will not burn. Solim and mix.

  2. Now we turn to cooking batter: Pour the beer into a deep container and gradually add the pancake mixture, beat whisk until uniform. Then add the breadcrumbs and again stir to a uniform state. The mixture should be thick but flowing.

  3. Now take a slice of courgette and dip it into breadcrumbs, then gently dip into the beer batter. After again we send in crackers and well dipped.

  4. We pour oil into a deep frying pan and heat it. Boiling oil should completely cover the slices with zucchini. Fry until golden all zucchini. You can also use a deep fryer.

  5. Ready zucchini spread on a paper towel and wait until it absorbs excess oil minutes. 10. Transfer to a plate and serve along with sour cream and herbs.

How to make a batter for zucchini from eggs with garlic - step by step recipe

Another popular recipe for battered zucchini,Which can be done in a couple of minutes, basically has eggs and garlic. These zucchini are more tender in consistency and sharp to taste. Read more on how to make a batter for zucchini from eggs with garlic in a step-by-step recipe below.

Necessary ingredients to make a batter for zucchini from eggs and garlic

  • zucchini -1 kg
  • eggs - 3 pcs.
  • Garlic -2-3 denticles
  • flour - 10 tbsp. l.
  • milk - 100 ml.
  • salt
  • pepper

Step-by-step instruction on how to make a batter for zucchini from eggs and garlic

  1. Marrows my and cut at the edges. Cut into thin rings or, if the vegetables are large, semi-rings.
  2. We beat eggs with a fork and add milk. Stir, salt and pepper. Garlic is cleaned and let through the press, add to the eggs. You can also take the granulated garlic.
  3. In small portions add to the egg-milk mixture sifted flour and beat whisk so that the clay is homogeneous and without lumps.
  4. Zucchini salted and peppered. Slightly roll each piece in flour and dip it into the batter.
  5. Fry in vegetable oil from two sides to golden.
  6. We serve zucchini in batter on the table with sour cream, greens and garlic.

Tasty zucchini in garlic with herbs and greens - quick turn-by-turn recipe

Another tasty variation of zucchini in batteredgarlic and greens are waiting for you in a step-by-step recipe below, which is characterized by a quick cooking speed. Unlike the previous recipe in this version, garlic should be added not to the sauce, but to the sour cream sauce. There will go and finely chopped green. All the details, how to fry tasty zucchini in garlic with garlic and greens in a quick step-by-step recipe further.

Essential ingredients for tasty zucchini in garlic with greens

  • zucchini large -2 pcs.
  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • flour - 150-200 gr. depending on the level of gluten
  • Garlic - 2 cloves
  • sour cream or mayonnaise - 100 gr.
  • greenery
  • Provencal herbs
  • salt
  • black pepper

Step-by-step instruction for a quick recipe of tasty zucchini in batter with greens and garlic

  1. Clean zucchini cut into rings of 2-3 cm thick. Spread vegetable slices on a paper towel so that it absorbs excess moisture.
  2. We now turn to cooking batter. To do this, whisk the eggs with a pinch of salt whisk until light foams appear. Gently, while continuing to whisk, we inject into the egg mixture the sifted flour. Its amount can vary depending on the level of gluten. Ready-made dough should be thick, like fat sour cream, and without lumps.
  3. We add salt, pepper, Provencal herbs to the claret and once again mix well until homogeneity.
  4. We dip each circle of zucchini in the batter and put it on a hot frying pan with vegetable oil, fry from both sides.
  5. Prepare the sauce. Mix mayonnaise or sour cream with garlic cloves passed through garlic cloves and finely chopped herbs, for example parsley. You can serve ready-made zucchini in batter simply with sauce, and after cooling, evenly cover them with ready-made watering.

Vegetarian squash in frying pan - simple recipe, step by step

The following simple recipe for vegetarian zucchiniin batter can be cooked both in a frying pan and in the oven. The first option turns out to be more crispy, but the second requires less effort in cooking. Read more on how to fry vegetarian zucchini in batter in a frying pan in a simple recipe further.

Necessary ingredients for vegetarian zucchini in battered frying pan

  • zucchini -3-4 pcs.
  • Wheat flour - 50 gr.
  • chickpea flour-75 gr.
  • mineral water - 150 ml
  • salt
  • pepper
  • refined vegetable oil for roasting

Step-by-step instruction for a simple recipe of vegetarian zucchini in battered frying pan

  1. Vegetables wash and cut at the edges. If the vegetables are not young, you should cut the skin. Then you need to cut the zucchini circles of medium thickness.
  2. Mix both types of flour in one bowl, salt and pepper. Then in small portions add to the flour mineral water with gas and mix until a thick dough is obtained - the claret is ready.
  3. Soak each slice of zucchini in batter carefully and send it to a heated frying pan with butter.
  4. Fry from two sides to golden on medium heat.
  5. Ready zucchini put on a paper towel for 10 minutes to remove the leftovers of sunflower oil.

The most tasty zucchini in batter with meat and cheese in the oven - quick recipe

Zucchini in batter with meat and cheese in the oven - thisnot just tasty, but a super-delicious dish, worthy of a festive table. At the same time it is quite easy to prepare and without any special culinary tricks. How to cook the most delicious zucchini in batter with meat and cheese in the oven in a quick recipe below.

Necessary ingredients for tasty zucchini in batter with meat and cheese in the oven

  • large zucchini - 4-5 pcs.
  • flour -100 gr.
  • milk - 200 ml
  • forcemeat - 450 gr.
  • eggs - 3 pcs.
  • cheese -150 gr.
  • salt
  • pepper

Step-by-step instruction for tasty zucchini in batter with cheese and meat for the oven

  1. Squash to wash and cut into thick roundworms. Inner part of the circles squeeze out with a glass.
  2. In the stuffing, hammer one egg, salt and pepper, mix until homogeneous.
  3. Prepare the batter, mixing the milk, beaten eggs and flour.
  4. The middle of each piece of zucchini is filled with minced meat, then dipped in a batter and put on a baking sheet with parchment.
  5. Sprinkle the courgettes on top with grated cheese and bake at 180 degrees until the meat is ready.

Tasty zucchini in frying pan - step by step recipe with video

Tasty zucchini in batter, a recipe that you will find inThe video below is fried in a frying pan. But if you want them, like zucchini with meat, you can cook in the oven. As well as vegetarian, tasty zucchini in a batter in a frying pan on this recipe with video it is better to serve with a sauce based on sour cream, garlic or mayonnaise.
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