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How to eat litchi fruit: photo, video

Surely you have repeatedly seen on the shelvesstore is an unusual product, with a kind, in some way, reminiscent of strawberries. We'll tell you a secret - it's a very sweet and unusually tasty fruit. Its name is lychee. In this article we will tell you in more detail about what kind of fruit is, where it came from and, as they say, how and with what it is eaten.

What is Lychee?

As you already understood lychee - this is quite an exotic variety of fruit. Where does the Lychee come from? And why is that called?
Litchichinensis - so in Latin it sounds fullthe name of the litchi fruit, which in literal translation means "Chinese plum". It's not difficult to guess that this sweet and sour berry comes from China. Now the product roams across various countries: such as Asia, America and many others.

This fruit is the fruit of an evergreen tree,Reaching an incredible size in height. As mentioned earlier, the litchi from afar resembles a strawberry. The weight of the fruit varies between 15-20 grams. It covers the flesh of the fruit with a thin and sufficiently firm peel of red-burgundy color. The flesh of the fruit is intended for consumption. Inside the litchi there is a bone of medium size, which is removed together with the skin.
Interesting! There is an opinion that the lice bones are poisonous. Although Asian doctors claim that after heat treatment, this poison evaporates. Now many take out a fruit bone and use it to grow a house plant.
Lychee is a sweet enough fruit, however, in its taste can be guessed and sour notes. The flesh of the fruit resembles the taste of grapes of white varieties.

Litchi fruit composition

It should be noted that this fruit is very useful for the human body.
In the composition of the lychee there is a largeamount of useful microelements and vitamins. Undoubtedly, many of them tell us the taste of the fruit. Sweetness is acquired due to the content of fructose in the lychee, and the light acidity of the fetus is provided by vitamin C.

It is worth mentioning the content in the compositionfruit of a vitamin such as PP. In ordinary language, it is nicotinic acid. What is it useful? Nicotinic acid contributes to the expansion of our blood vessels, the establishment of blood flow. That is why the use of litchi fruit helps to stimulate the flow of blood into separate parts of the human body. In addition to PP in the lychee are trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine and many other important components for the human body.
Interesting! There is an opinion that the lychee fruit is an aphrodisiac and contributes to the sexual influx of strength in men.
Eastern doctors claim that the lychee fruituseful for patients with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. Lychee fruitfully affects the stabilization of blood sugar levels in humans. In addition, the lychee fruit is used as one of the ways to combat cancer.

How to eat lychee?

Many people are lost at the sight of such an exotic product. There is even a misconception that it is very difficult to clean lychee. In fact, there are no difficulties in purifying the Chinese plum.

How is lychee? First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of the product. On the peel there should be no visible damage, and the fruit itself should be sufficiently firm. Otherwise, the fruit is not worth buying.
To clean lychee, it is necessary to make a knifecut along the circle along the top and remove the "cap". Now it remains only to put a little pressure on the fetus, so that the white flesh will come out. In this form, you can eat a berry, and then get a stone.

Interesting! Many eat the litchi fruit, for example, with ice cream. In China, it is widely believed that you can not only eat it, but also drink it. From the juice of the berries you get a very tasty wine.
Use also a video-instruction on how to clean properly and eat lychee.
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Benefits of litchi fruit

As already mentioned, the fruit is able to normalizethe level of sugar in the blood of a person. In addition, lychee is useful for patients with a diagnosis of "atherosclerosis." Also this product contributes to the improvement of the digestive system, stimulates the favorable work of the intestines and stomach. In general, lychee is recommended for people with cardiovascular disease. Also, fruit is useful for women during lactation.


Like all other products, the maincontraindication to the use of this fruit is its individual intolerance. No special contraindications were found. But do not neglect it. Excessive use can lead to the formation of skin itching. Note that the daily rate of consumption of the product is not more than 200 grams.

Now you know everything you need about whatis a litchi fruit! And when you meet him in the store, you will not look at him as a curiosity, but just buy it - because the lychee is so tasty and useful!
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