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Jam from raspberry Five-minute for the winter, a simple step-by-step recipe with a photo. How to cook a raspberry jam 5-minute as a jelly in a multivarquet, without cooking

A rare medicine can boast at the same timeNot only for its high effectiveness in the fight against colds, but also for its tremendous taste. But with regard to homemade raspberry jam this rule works without question! Especially good as a "delicious doctor" jam from raspberry "Pyatiminutka", which due to rapid heat treatment, and sometimes even without cooking, retains a maximum of usefulness. And there are a lot of them in a raspberry jam: natural antibiotics, salicylates, antioxidants, and, of course, vitamins. Prepare a tasty and thick jam of raspberries at home, especially if among your kitchen assistants to be a multivarker, it's easy. However, step-by-step 5-minute recipes with photos and videos, which will find further, are so simple instructions that even an inexperienced hostess will understand them. Especially since most recipes, except for the jelly version, contain only two basic ingredients - raspberries and sugar. Read more about how to learn how to cook raspberry jam for the winter for 5 minutes lower.

Homemade raspberry jam for 5 minutes - step-by-step recipe with photo

Delicious homemade raspberry jam for 5 minutes -This is not a myth, but reality with our first step-by-step recipe with a photo. Five-minute sessions are called varieties of jam, which are prepared very quickly and, as they say, in one go. In the case of the next step-by-step recipe with a photo of a homemade crimson jam in 5 minutes, the total preparation time with the preparation of berries will take no more than half an hour.

Necessary ingredients for homemade raspberry jam for 5 minutes

  • Raspberry - 2 kg
  • Sugar - 2 kg

Step-by-step instruction for the recipe of homemade raspberry jam for 5 minutes

  1. First you need to prepare berries. Since raspberry - the berry is tender and easily loses its shape, we recommend washing it as follows. Carefully put the berries in a colander, and then put it in a bowl of water. Leave for 10 minutes, then remove and rinse under a thin stream of running water. Then you need to drain excess moisture.

  2. Banks for raspberry jam is better to take small, ideally at half a liter. Glass containers, like lids, must be properly sterilized in boiling water or oven at 100 degrees.

  3. The next step is to wipe the berries. If the raspberry is ripe and juicy, then you can suppress berries with a normal fork. A method for rubbing through a medium strainer or grinding with a blender is also suitable.

  4. Rubbed berries should be covered with sugarIn the ratio 1: 1. That is, for a kilogram of raspberries you need to take a kilogram of sugar. After that, put the saucepan on medium heat and, stirring, bring to a boil.

  5. Without leaving the stove and armed with a wooden spoon, you need to bring the jam to a boil. Then boil for 5 minutes over a low heat.

  6. After 5 minutes of cooking, turn off the fire and use an ordinary spoon to remove all the rasp formed on the surface of the raspberry jam.

  7. Ready jam is hot poured over prepared (clean and sterile) jars.

  8. Tighten the lids tightly and turn the top upside down, so that there is no excess air between the jam and the lid, and consequently, the jars are not swollen in the future.

How to prepare a thick jam from raspberries for the winter, step by step recipe

If you are a fan not justAromatic, namely dense jam from raspberries for the winter, then you can prepare it by following the step-by-step recipe from our collection. In contrast to the previous version, this recipe is prepared for several days, but the time of the cooking is not very different from the usual 5-minute. Read more on how to prepare thick jam from raspberries for the winter on.

Necessary ingredients to prepare a thick raspberry jam for winter

  • Raspberry - 1, 5 kg
  • Sugar -1, 5 kg

Step-by-step instruction on how to prepare a thick jam for raspberry winter

  1. The first thing we do is prepare berries: we sort out, wash it and lightly dry it on a paper towel.
  2. We fall asleep a raspberry half of sugar and we leave for the night.
  3. In the morning we mix well and send a saucepan with sugar malinka to the stove. Stirring constantly on medium heat, bring the mixture to a boil, cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Remove the foam and turn off the fire. Cover the lid and leave until the evening (at least 12 hours).
  5. In the second stage of cooking, add the remaining sugar and again bring the jam to a boil, reduce the heat and cook for 5 minutes, remove the foam.
  6. Remove from the plate and pour on a sterileJars, clogged lids and leave to cool under a warm blanket. After the jam is necessarily transferred to a cool place for storage, as it does not accept high temperatures and direct sunlight.

Tasty and useful raspberry jam without cooking, quick recipe in 5 minutes

Among the most useful and at the same time uniquely veryTasty options worth noting the recipe for raspberry jam without cooking for 5 minutes. Such raw raspberry jam not only perfectly copes with colds and flu, but also acts as an ideal filling for pancakes and pancakes. How to prepare a tasty and useful raspberry jam without cooking, learn from a quick recipe in 5 minutes.

Necessary ingredients for a tasty and healthy jam with raspberries without cooking for 5 minutes

  • Malinka - 0, 5 kg
  • Powdered sugar - 0, 5 kg

Instructions for a quick recipe for 5 minutes of useful raspberry jam without cooking

  1. Pure raspberries weed in a convenient way. For example, you can skip the berries through a meat grinder, grind it with a blender or simply grind it in a mortar.
  2. We fall asleep berry puree sugar powder andStirring. Instead of powder, you can take and ordinary sugar, but in this case, its complete dissolution will have to wait 1-2 hours. Sugar powder in its turn completely dissolves literally in 15 minutes, after which you can immediately go to the preparation of jam.
  3. Glass containers and lids are sterilized for a couple and wiped dry. Fill the jars almost to the edge with jam, leaving about 2 cm to the lid.
  4. The remaining centimeters fall asleep with sugar and slightly rammed with a spoon. Such a sugar stopper prevents air from entering and will prevent the reproduction of microorganisms.
  5. It remains to cork the jars of lids and send raspberry jam to the refrigerator, where it can calmly stay fresh and tasty until the spring.

Delicious and thick jam from raspberry, like jelly - step by step recipe 5-minute

Raspberries are an excellent basis forPreparation of a tasty and thick jam-jelly according to a 5-minute recipe. In addition to the traditional ingredients for raspberry jam, or rather, berries and sugar, gelatin is also used in this recipe. It is he who makes delicious jam from raspberry thick as jelly (step-by-step recipe 5-minute below).

Necessary ingredients for a tasty and thick jam from raspberry, like jelly

  • Raspberry - 1 kg
  • Sugar - 1 kg
  • Gelatine - 2 sachets of 25 gr.

Instructions for the recipe 5-minute tasty and thick jam from raspberries, like jelly

  1. Mine and sort through malinku. Fill with cold water for 10 minutes to get rid of excess debris and bugs that could get inside the berries.
  2. After the water is drained, and raspberries are spread on a clean towel to remove excess moisture.
  3. We fall asleep with the sugar prepared by the berry and mix it gently with a silicone spatula. Leave it for 15 minutes for the malinka to start the juice.
  4. In the meantime, soak gelatin in water according to the instructions on the package.
  5. Pour the raspberries on the stove, select the middle mode and stirring, cook until the bubbles appear on the surface.
  6. As soon as the jam boils, the fire is diminished and cooked for 5 minutes. Remove foam and add gelatin. Mix well and remove from the plate.
  7. Pour hot raspberry jam on sterileContainer, close the lids. Within a day the jam will thicken well and outwardly it will resemble real jelly, which you can eat with a spoon directly from the jar. And you can use as an original filling for baking, curd desserts or ice cream.

Homemade jam-five-minute raspberry in a multivark, simple step-by-step recipe

To cook jam in a multivark - one continuouspleasure. Homemade jam-five-minute raspberry in a multivark, a simple step-by-step recipe which will find below, even the most inexperienced hostess can cook. The recipe is simple, but the taste of this jam-five-minute raspberry in the multivarquet is reminiscent of the taste of the very homemade raspberry delicacy our grandmothers prepared.

Necessary ingredients for homemade jam-five-minute raspberry in a multivark

  • Raspberry - 1, 5 kg
  • Granulated sugar - 1, 5 kg
  • Lemon juice - 2 tbsp. L.

Instructions for a simple recipe jam-five-minute out of raspberries in a multi-

  1. Let's start with the preparation of berries, which in this recipe for a multivarker is standard. Raspberry is washed, sorted and poured for 20 minutes with water to remove insects.
  2. Lightly dry the berries on a towel and pour into the bowl multivarka.
  3. Add sugar and leave for 20 minutes, so that the berries are allowed to juice.
  4. Then turn on the "Quenching" mode and stirring, bring the mixture to a boil.
  5. As soon as the raspberry jam boils and begins to foam, remove the foam, add lemon juice.
  6. Turn off and close the lid, leave for 10 minutes. After the jam can be poured over sterile jars and tightened with lids.

Jam-five-minute raspberry and black currant for the winter, a simple recipe

How to make a jam-pyatiminutku from raspberries for the winterEven more useful - just add a black currant to his recipe. This berry tandem works perfectly and on taste, and on useful qualities. How to prepare a jam-five-minute out of raspberries and black currant for the winter, to make it as useful as possible, learn from the simple recipe below.

Necessary ingredients for a jam-five-minute jam from raspberry and blackcurrant for the winter

  • Raspberry - 1, 5 kg
  • Black currant - 0, 5 kg
  • Sugar - 2 kg

Step-by-step instruction for jam-five-minute raspberry and currant for winter

  1. At the initial stage, everything is standard: Berries raspberries and currants carefully, so as not to damage, rinse under running water. Remove the spoiled berries, leaves and twigs. We lay out on a paper towel, folded several times, for drying.
  2. Then we fall asleep a currant with malinka half sugar (1 kg) and, stirring, we send on medium fire.
  3. As soon as the jam boils, we mark 5 minutes and cook, removing the foam. Add the remaining sugar and remove from the plate.
  4. Mix well the berry mass until the sugar is completely dissolved. This process does not take much time, because under the influence of high temperature, sugar will sweat in a few minutes.
  5. Hot berry delicacy is poured into cans. Needless to say, the jars should be sterile and dry. Close the lids and turn them over until it cools down completely.

Thick jam from raspberries for the winter-a simple recipe, video

Another simple and quick enough recipeDelicious, and most importantly, a thick jam of raspberries for the winter waiting for you in the video below. The main points of this recipe will be familiar to you already, as they resonate with the previous five-minute recipes. But there are also small secrets, thanks to which a thick jam of raspberries for the winter on this simple video reception gets its consistency and color.
Raspberry jam - thick, fragrant, tasty andVery-very useful can easily be prepared at home. The main thing is that the jam from raspberry "Pyatiminutka" does not lend itself to long heat treatment. Then all vitamins and usefulness of fresh raspberries can be kept unchanged for the whole winter. Of course, how to cook raspberry jam (traditionally, in a multivark) or leave it in its raw form (without cooking), each hostess decides for herself. But we can say with certainty that by the time of preparation all step-by-step recipes with photos and videos from our article, including the jelly version, are very fast and simple. So, having spent literally 5 minutes, you can prepare an incredible raspberry flavor for the whole family!
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